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Submitted: February 17, 2018

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Submitted: February 17, 2018




Female Dog, really

Why toss this word in the air, it’s so darn silly

No, your eyes did not deceive you, by such an audacious written move on my part

Allow me to put my spin on this groove from the start

Just listen to such an unjust degrading name

How we throw this word around brings knees down in shame

A word so lame

Straight out the hood game

No harsher tone of a word between you and me

As you can see

I’ve been called, oh yes, from the best

There’s never a challenge I’ve backed down from, yet

How did I react

Sit back and I’ll tell you a couple of facts

BEAUTY of earth as sharp as I can be, inner and outer as you can see

IN a stratosphere ruled by God above, giving one hundred percent sisterly love

TOTAL grounded by life’s golden rules, hopefully detained as someone’s muse

CAN you listen to me, I will tell you no lies, the stars, the moon, guides the wise

HOW do we adapt in society to live, do we need a master key, God’s creed to give

For the women of this earth, in this day and time, who are still around

Never give the mouth power to bring your doctrine down

Stand or fall, without all the complications

It’s you against them and their false expectations

An unpleasant accusation


Is the beauty within your song

Beauty In Total Control of Herself

The mirror is you conscious, more or less

Bitch said in anger

Brings on mental danger

From the mouth of a stranger

It’s definitely a game changer

Inhale in, Exhale out

Excuse you men for letting this word slip out your mouth

Especially when you know nothing about

For that demoralize word given, no benefit of the doubt

A productive opening of your mouth, which could be used in such a pleasing way down south

Lower, no…no don’t stray

You shall apologize for the word you had no right to say

We as women are natural born caregivers

Life deliverers

One woman to another

Don’t call me such a title you will not label your mother

I hope this is not going in one ear and out the other

Hey, I’m just telling the truth

And remember, it’s my point of view

So, let’s dish the Bitch pitch

You can say, even call it

It still doesn’t make sense one single bit

Some will say, it takes one to know one

Does it make it fair seeming when it still rolls of your tongue


Starting Monday, all poems will be found in The Flow of my Heart To You Book III

© Copyright 2018 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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