Mysterious Song

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A poem for the one who inspired the InspiredOne

Submitted: February 17, 2018

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Submitted: February 17, 2018



"I may not trust you,

But this stupid heart sings a song for you,

A song that will never end,

A song I can't live without.

You are the conductor of this song my heart is singing.

My heart would be a chaos if this eyes can't see your light.


I want to always see you.

I want to always talk to you.

I want to hug you, cuddle you, kiss you and many other more I am afraid to say.

I'm addicted to you, even though you aren't even a drug.

You are the soul to my dead life.

I can't reach this stage if I haven't met you.


I'm afraid to say those three words.

For those words are the trending lies in today's world.

Can I ask a question?

No, make it two, or maybe three.

Will you love me for who I am?

Even If I'm the worst of the worst?

And If you'll know why this heart beat like this?"

He blinked as he finished reading the last line,

Then, he looked at me,

Like I was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen,

A smile shone from his face,

And his strong arms embraced me,

Pocketing the crumpled little piece of paper.

"I love you. I always do and always will."

He cupped my cheek and wiped the tears falling across my cheeks, chuckling.

"You may not trust me. But please just this once, trust me if I'll say I love you."

I smiled as if I know everything about this complicated universe we are in. "I trust you now. And I love you too."

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