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Hello all... SO here is one! This is in fact a bit long compared to the usual me writing sonnets. It is out of a head in grief, plunged into darkness. I see it as two sonnets fused.. the one
aligned left from the angels and the one aligned right from the devil. though both come to a consensus by the end or maybe they don't, who knows? but yes the last four lines should serve a
conclusion to both sonnets....

Please do COMMENT on this one...... Also please suggest themes if you cherish reading my effort. I seek your valuable comments to decide if it is a style worth writing in?

Submitted: February 18, 2018

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Submitted: February 18, 2018



The angel said to let go,

Be calm and let the karma know.

Life's a walk with sun and shade,

Walk past it, don't let the hazes degrade.


The devil poked with a spear of whys?

Reminded of instances where goodness cries.

Life's a path with sun and shade,

Why walk by the haze, when you can use it to raid?


Angel spoke of ethics and dignity,

Sounded sane and talked witty.

Life is a path of ups and downs,

Let bygones be bygones, smile and quit the frowns.


The devil reminded of same ethics and pride.

Why should it be held when dropped by the other side?

Life is a valley of ups and downs,

If been pushed off an up, retaliate to push with a bounce.


The angel then satisfyingly smiled,

Seemes an agreement it implied.

Bounce back with all the vengeance

But don't let it be your sole guidance.


The Devil then did brightly smirk.

Don't crib the evil, put it to work.

Fuel the low spirits with vengeance to get back,

When thrown to wolves, return leading the pack


The hard times desreve not to be forgiven.

Drive the Darkness, don't get driven.

Out of the dark make a dinge.

A dinge of success be the best revenge.

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