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Submitted: February 18, 2018

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Submitted: February 18, 2018



"Now, where does this go?" Vicky licked her lips, as she pried her credit card into the door, to disarm the lock.

She felt her way along the pitch black tunnels. "To the sub-basements!" she shouted, pretending she was in a video game.

Vicky crept her way down the narrow steps. "Who needs friends when you have an out-of-this-world imagination?" she thought to herself. 

She descended the steps, and stopped at sub-basement "E."

"What could the university possibly be storing down here, bodies?"

Vicky tripped, and fell flat on her face. She fumbled her way along the dimly lit room, and discovered a "fake" wall.

Her head throbbed, and she felt disoriented as her eyes adjusted to the flourescent lights. Apparently, she had walked into an abandoned library. Some of the shelves were toppled over. The books were caked with dust, and they were all labeled with "banned" stickers.

Vicky thumbed through several books, and noticed that they were full of forbidden spells. "Too, cool," she thought to herself.

She grabbed a book of spells focusing on time-travel. "I don't think anyone will miss this," she thought to herself, "This will give me something to do this weekend instead of sitting here alone."

Vicky sighed as she grabbed the phone. She was mentally exhausted from studying for her trignometry finals. "Hello?"

"You stupid bitch!" her mother shouted incoherently, as she snorted a line of crack. "You ruined my life! I could have gone to college if I hadn't gotten knocked up. You turned my family against me! You made me lose my job. Now, I have to move. Tell me why, or I'll put a bullet in your head!"

Her mother, Lynn, was a bi-polar drug addict. Vicky was placed in foster care because her mother was incompetent.

"Bring it on, Lynn!" Vicky shouted, and slammed down the phone,

Her mother called, and harrassed her for 2 weeks.

"It's all over," Vicky sobbed, as she tossed her school books in the dumpser,"I flunked my trigonometry final, and now I lost my scholarship!"

"I don't have the nerve to kill myself, but I can perform a spell to stop myself from being born."

Vicky performed the time-travel spell, and caused her mother to have a miscarriage. 

Vicky awoke with her head in a fog. She noticed her reflection in the glass doors of a nearby building. "I look different. I'm alot thinner. My hair is straight, and the color is much lighter. My voice sounds different. It's almost like I woke up in another body. No, that's silly. I just need some rest."

She investigated her surroundings. Apparently, she had been sleeping in the doorway of an abandoned building. Her clothes were torn, and filthy. Her only possessions were a thin blanket, and a wad full of papers.

Vicky noticed that there was something different about the city. It seemed to be covered in a milky-white fog. She forced her way through the white film, and was horrified to discover that she was trapped in a city constructed by huge spider webs, and populated by spider people.

She began to sob, and dug in her pocket for a tissue. She found a page out of the spellbook. "Beware! Anyone who changes any details of the past, can drastically alter the future."

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