Stuffed Turkey On A Skateboard!

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Gob has himself a day!

Submitted: February 18, 2018

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Submitted: February 18, 2018



Idea thanks to Hullabaloo22:


Gob the Turkey had over eaten once again,

he sported a spare tire, he just couldn't win

He'd tried every diet known to beast or fowl,

but every time he looked in the mirror, it made him howl

with pissed-offedness; 'twas a matter of much concern,

that he found some way for those calories to burn

For if he didn't, being Thanksgiving dinner was in his future,

he'd seen his friends disappear, and he couldn't say for sure,

but it was around that time of year; and he'd put two and two together

See, for a turkey, Bob had some education, and was kinda clever,

he didn't want to feel cold steel rip through his neck, and become headless,

no sir, that didn't sound fun, he had to confess,

but right now, he just wanted to relax and unwind

any old way that his oversize turkey brain could find

He's watched from the barn the little Whaling begates

sailed down the paved road, yes, he'd worry about becoming fat

later, right now, he wanted to feel the wind in his neck waddle,

so he'd better hurry up and grab that board, he wasn't going to dawdle,

for the bastard kids would be home from school soon,

and he didn't want to hear their angry tune

He waddled to the garage and found the magic board,

trotted up the hill, and started down--he was scared out of his gourde,

for the bitch was really moving, he felt like crying,

'cause he immediately felt he couldn't control it, man, was he flying!

Speaking of flying, he really wished he could,

when he lost control and went straight for the woods

and lost his giblets as he hit a rock, and went arcing,

pinwheeling through the air, all the while praying

When he hit, I guess you could call him ground,

'cause he bounced, screaming with a girlish sound

Gob vowed to never go skateboarding again,

after the board he returned, his bruised ego wished he'd never been!






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