A Heart Out of Place in Time

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Looking back... Looking back you see so many things about the relationships you've had with people. The more tricky are those with the opposite sex. This book is a collection of short stories based
on real experiences - mine and others' experiences. I'm sharing them in hopes that one day I can share a happy story to end this book as well as provide insight into relationships.

Table of Contents

I Almost Made out with Him

Based on an old memory from my time in college. It was a happy-ish moment. I was in control of my love life, but I was lonely and worried about making wrong decisions. As I came to understand, it's
only a wrong decision if you aren't giving it any thought at all or if in the next few days, weeks, or months you'll regret that decision. I once realized I regretted a decision I made a year ago
because I had not been honest with myself at the time I was making that decision.

I was happy with the decisions I made on this night... not so happy with others I made soon following this story.
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Crushes - So Many Crushes in so Little Time

High school is always rough, but the crushes you have on others can end up crushing you.

This is a collection of the most memorable - the ones that either consumed my thoughts at home or actually gave me hope that they would turn into something more right before drying up into nothing.
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Delving into the Past I Refuse to Remember

This relationship built up my ability to perceive men's intentions. I understood the looks and glances. I also endured a lot of messy relationship hell which left me, as it would any lady, to avoid
men for a whole year. It wasn't until the middle of the next year I had my dance Jeff and held onto hoping for a better future for myself.

And of course, I fell back into the Henry trap at a later time. Mr. Charming's words were more than prophetic. Henry's emotional treatment of me was worse the next time around, but it was also
unfortunately better too. Henry became the only man who could confuse me about his intentions and that second relationship drug on for almost three years until I finally ended it as cold blooded as
possible so that there would never be a chance of us coming together again.

I hear from friends that he's happy and single, and for the moment so am I. Every day I am happy to be single, but I do look out for the next guy - for the hope that I'll be more fortunate. And I
am thankful for the happy memories I have from Henry... just that I shy away from dwelling on them. This was actually the first time in over three years I have let myself think about this part of
the relationship.

It's calming in a reassuring way.
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The Reality that Twisted in my Heart and led to Daydreaming of New Romance

You can be in love and in pain all at the same time. Your heart can be on fire or it can feel like a frozen tundra as you try to hold yourself together against reality. And when it all comes apart,
you'll find yourself weaker and stronger and ultimately free. The freedom will fill yourself with renewed energy for life. You'll fight for what you want - for what you may have always wanted.

And it makes you wonder, if with a real mutual love, would it last forever? And the only thing your brain can answer with is, "definitely".
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A Trip of a Lifetime, A Trip to End Regrets

It's been two years since my last experience was posted to this book. Two years to wrestle with what happened. Two years to face this trip. For the most part, I've ignored it. I've intentionally
tried to forget this was ever a part of my life, but it set me on a good course - a positive one. But while I ignored it and faced much uncertainty over what life would soon look like, I couldn't
write. This series has always been about being honest with myself in hopes that it helped others understand their relationships and their struggles. It's not meant to tell anyone what to do but to
give them courage - the same that I needed to face this event.

And now that I have, I see it as what it is. I'm very thankful for this experience, and I'm very proud of myself for how I chose to remember it - for the positives it left me. It was definitely a
trip of a lifetime but not for the reasons I expected it to be.
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Kim and the Kissers

With my anger towards Justin, I lost another friend. I needed a break from myself. I needed to be with a friend. And it made me realize, it's important to take time between relationships. It may
just be the re-charge needed.
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Two of a Kind, Hearts out of Time

I started this series hoping to provide insight into how dating is now with the crazy stories of my experiences and those that echoed others. I hoped it would help someone else out there find their
way through the wild dating scene and that I would be able to end it on a happy note. And this is that happy note.
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