Are Ouija Boards Dangerous ?

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Submitted: February 18, 2018

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Submitted: February 18, 2018





February, 2018

Today I came across an account on the internet that seemed very similar to my own with the main difference being that this individual was engaged in spirit communication activity by using a Ouija Board, where I was using EVP.

 However, what they described has many similarities to my own spirit attachment situation.

  This person described how once they had made contact with spirit entities by means of the Ouija Board, initially the contact seemed very benevolent in nature……with these spirits acting in a friendly manner.

This person stated that this led them to continue to use the Ouija Board and in fact to use it more frequently……..essentially to the point where it became an obsession.

  However, eventually the communication spun out of control and this individual began perceiving the presence of these spirits outside of the board/communication sessions and in uncontrollable and extremely intrusive ways.

  Further, at this point…..these spirits were not of a benevolent nature anymore.

  Though the means of spirit communication were different, I saw many similarities to my own spirit attachment situation.

I began recording for EVP in early January of 2015. Within a fairly short amount of time, I had established communication with that seemed like a group of spirits.

  Initially, the communication was very benevolent. These spirits always seemed willing to talk to me and they seemed quite friendly.

  Being new to all of this as I was, and also the fact that things were moving so quickly…..I admit that I allowed myself to get caught up in the fascination of what I was experiencing and I was completely oblivious to the danger that was lurking on the horizon.

I can honestly say that the contact seemed so benevolent and fascinating at first, that if I had been suspicious at the time, I probably would have felt a sense of guilt.

But, this suspicion would have been warranted.

  Where the fist month of my EVP experience had seemed completely benevolent in nature….by the second month, things began to change.

  On my recordings, I began to hear what I can only describe as “negative voices.”

  These voices would usually insult, curse at ….or threaten me. It started with just a few incidents. The “Benevolent” voices were still there as well, so I simply tried to ignore those more unpleasant voices.

  But, these negative voices persisted and became more present on each recording until it reached the point that they seemed to dominate them.

I knew that something was very wrong here. But, I didn’t know what was about to happen next.

  One day, while I was at work…..over the noise of a running fan……I began to hear these same “negative voices” coming through quite loud and clear.

  To say that I felt extremely disturbed by this is an understatement.

  But, this was not to be an isolated incident.

  As the days passed, I began to have more and more incidents of hearing voices.

  I had already quit recording for EVP, but it was already too late……my oppression had begun.

Aside from hearing these voices, I also began to experience physical/bodily disturbances.

Mainly, these consisted of sensations of jabs, pinches, bites and also this vibration sensation that would mostly occur when I was lying down.

  The occurrences escalated over about the course of a month and then they hit full force and my oppression was constant……without let up.

  I was living in a nightmare for a few months before things began to subside and calm down some.

  At the time, reflecting upon it…..I still didn’t realize what the hell had happened. For quite a while, I thought that these “negative voices” that I had been hearing on my EVP recordings that second month were from a different source than the “benevolent” voices that I had been hearing initially. They had pulled the wool over my eyes that successfully.

  It wasn’t until I began finding other accounts of this kind of situation…..and I began to meet others, that I saw similar patterns.

  In practically every case, the communication seemed benevolent at first, which led us all to continue communicating more frequently. Then, once these spirits had gained access to our perceptions, they dropped the act and became extremely intrusive.

  It can happen with EVP, Ouija Boards. Automatic Writing…etc…etc…

  But, I stress…..these malevolent entities who are hiding their true intentions….will say anything…….and I mean anything to gain your trust, so that you continue to communicate with them further and further.

  I do believe that they adapt their demeanor based on the individual. They seem to be able to read us like a book. When communicating with them initially, they already know about us, but we don’t know about them.

  The danger of attachment is real and it often entails malign spirits intruding into your perceptions.



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