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Sad Story.

Submitted: February 18, 2018

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Submitted: February 18, 2018



My father was great. He would always take me out to eat. He earned lots of money. He loved mom. But mom never loved him. He was deployed to war on 1945. It has already started. When he was in a house waiting till the next day, he called mom. Mom didn't answer and never let me talk to him.They always argued about how he shouldn't be in the military. Once he got out and fought again. He saluted to the air and ran off. He ran free, out in the open. He was running for a barricade. it was 1947. I was in my room, waiting for dad to get back. I heard mommy crying in her room. I went to her room and she told me words that i will never ever forget. "He's gone". I burst out in tears. We drove all the way to the hospital, were we found daddy. He was laying in a bed with a teddy bear holding a heart."I....we....won". The tone on the moniter went to a sole beat. We drove home and i sat on my bed with the teddy bear on my lap. I overheard mommy's call again. "Ill bring you the money tomorrow. Thanks for getting rid of him". I realized what happened and ran downstairs to my kitchen. I called for mom and grabbed a kitchen knife. She came downstairs and questioned why i screamed, "You killed him"! I ran at her and stabbed her in the chest. I slowly pulled the knife down her chest. The police rushed in 1 hour after i called. I told them exactly what happened. I was sent to a mental hospital, where i found many friends. There were crazy people and smart people. Belissa was my friend. I walked up to her and asked her "Do you know what it's like to kill"? She nodded in agreement.2 years later, im 7. I was let out and I was adopted. My parents didn't like me. One night, they were fast asleep. I tiptoed to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. "I miss Belissa" I whispered to myself. I know what had to be done.......


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