The Dragon King

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

For centuries the Dragon King ruled Haglethorne, protecting the kingdom from fearsome dragons but once they vanished so did the Dragon Kings. Now they are back and this time they intend on
completing their original mission... the extermination of the human race. Will the new Dragon King be able to stop them or will this be the end of Haglethorne.

Table of Contents

Hainsworth & Rooks

UPDATED AUTHORS NOTE I have completely changed the beginning of this story, no worries it mostly just this first chapter and the addition of 2nd chapter... I will be going through all of the
chapters and making sure that the general direction of the story doesn't change. I am mostly trying to add more depth to Jason's background, this way we can understand his reasoning for doing what
he is doing a lot better. Thank you for all the support so far, I appreciate all of the comments because without them I wouldn't be able to improve my writing so keep them coming. I hope you enjoy.
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It All Burns

Jason overlooked the town from the top of an abandoned windmill, the sun slowly creeping its way across the sky. "Would you... Read Chapter

The Mark

Jason slowly opened his eyes, disoriented and lost he looked around. He was in some kind of sick bay. He raised his right arm and saw it ... Read Chapter

The Dragon King

Long ago, before kings and queens, knights and swordsmen there were mighty powerful creatures that ruled the land of Haglethorne. Dragons... Read Chapter

King Derek

The throne room doors were huge, as in 10ft tall at least.  "Whats the point of such huge doors, is the king like a giant or somet... Read Chapter

Training Day

"Jason Fortes. Look at you, such a strong resolve and determination." Jason looked up and saw a large dark scaled dragon, its bright red ... Read Chapter

The Mage

"Incredible!" The Arcane Mage stared in wonder at the flames circling around Jason's hand. "This is amazing, and you say you've ne... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

"So what you're saying is we get our very own team room?!"  Bianca nodded as they walked down the hall towards their meeting ... Read Chapter

Spoken Magic and The Curse

Mirabelle took another spoonful of the stew, she slurped it loudly and smiled widely with satisfaction. "Man that's some good stuff!" She... Read Chapter

Never Alone Again

Bianca rolled away and picked up her sword as another bolt off fire was shot towards her, she stood up quickly her sword out.  "... Read Chapter


"It all happened when I was a child, my father as you know was fascinated with the history of magic and he loved exploring all the old un... Read Chapter

The Knight

Jason did his best to explain the situation, to the best of his ability since even he was still confused about everything. Little by litt... Read Chapter

The Ceremony

Jason stood at his rack staring down at the raggedy clothes he had been changing back and forth from when he first started training. He l... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

As soon as he got out he let out a large breath of relief. He leaned on the wall and looked up, "Gods that was nervewracking." He whisper... Read Chapter

What A Feast

He walked into the dining room, it was just one long table set up with food and candles, "The new knight has finally arrived!" Broldo yel... Read Chapter

Dashing Rogue

Jason walked in between Mirabelle and Bianca, the awkwardness definitely noticeable. Apparently Bianca had gone to apologize in the morni... Read Chapter


Everybody took a turn fighting against Arthur, Mirabelle’s match was short lived. A fight against a mage and a Ranger was not a fair ... Read Chapter

The Quest Begins

After that night, Jason and his team continued their training for the next 2 days. Working on improving their skills and their ability to... Read Chapter


For those who need a reminder, Fedar is the town Jason's mom told him to go to... There is also someone else from Jason's past waiting for him there (o_o)
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Kaldrago's Champion

Bianca made her way back to the wagon in front of everyone, "Alright you two, throw them in there." Jason and Arthur reached the wagon dr... Read Chapter