The Dragon King

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UPDATED AUTHORS NOTE I have completely changed the beginning of this story, no worries it mostly just this first chapter and the addition of 2nd chapter... I will be going through all of the
chapters and making sure that the general direction of the story doesn't change. I am mostly trying to add more depth to Jason's background, this way we can understand his reasoning for doing what
he is doing a lot better. Thank you for all the support so far, I appreciate all of the comments because without them I wouldn't be able to improve my writing so keep them coming. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1 (v.2) - Hainsworth & Rooks

Submitted: February 18, 2018

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Submitted: February 18, 2018



The sun shined bright across the sky, leaving the recently wet grass with a sparkle and a moist smell in the air. A slight warm breeze ran across the field.

"Jason..." a female voice whispered.

Jason slowly took a breath of air, filling his lungs with the smell of spring. He opens his eyes and blinks a few times looking up towards the sky. A beautiful, clear, blue sky. He furrows his brows trying to think back to the dream he was just having. A female voice had called out to him.

He sat up and looked down towards town, Hainsworth. A small town on the outskirts of Capitol Wall. A gang of thugs called the Rooks basically ran the town and a few others. Jason lets out a chuckle, he hated this town but has grown to hate the people behind the wall even more. All of them protected and safe while the people of Hainsworth had to deal with bandits, monsters, and damn Ravagers a nasty breed of dog people.

He groggily got up and let out a long yawn while bending over and picking up his hatchet. He walked down the small hill and headed towards the road where an old mule with a cart attached waited for him. He threw the hatchet into the cart and walked over to the mule.

"Well let's get going Chichi." He ran his hand through her mane and rubbed her head. She neighed happily and started walking back to town with Jason beside her.

He looked up to the sky one more time letting out a long and exaggerated sigh, "Don't you just get tired of this Chichi, like we do this basically everyday for as long as I can remember. This and pick Juva berries. We then just head back so we can hide inside the cottage because all those damn thugs are out and about."

The mule neighed and shook her head. Jason took out some Juva berries from a pouch he had on his belt, he gave them to the mule. She licked them out of his hand and went on to munch contently. He craved for something more, his life has been spent living in Hainsworth and he doesn't want to end up stuck in this horrible town. At first it wasn't so bad, Hainsworth was a small peaceful town. It had it's own small militia which was in charge of providing security for the town, the Rave family ran the town and everyone was happy. Then out of no where the Rooks came into town and quickly took over. They murdered every single last Rave, destroyed the militia and murdered Jason's father.

They reached the entrance to the town, Jason grabbed Chichi's reigns and stopped her. Two men stepped out from either side of the entrance.

"Hehe what you got in there buddy?" the one on the right asked, he had a red bandanna tied around his head and was missing his two front teeth.

"Nothing but tinder. Now if you'll excuse me I have somewhere I need to be." Jason responded. The man on the left smirked, "You hear that Johnny, kid hasn't heard of the new umm taxing system we just passed."

The other one laughed presumably Johnny, "Yeah Richie you right, if you acquire product any other way other than Rook provided services there's a tax you need to pay to get it into town."

Jason clenched his jaw giving both of them a menacing glare, he took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. "I've got nothing on me."
"Then I guess we'll just have to confiscate all this wood and the cart as well, the mule looks too old so you can keep her." Johnny reached for the rope and began to untie the cart. Jason clenches his fists, these guys just go around town taking anything they want and nobody ever did anything about it. He wasn't going to have it. He reached into the cart and took out the axe, he swung at Johnny causing him to jump back.

"You are not taking anything." Jason said sternly at them.

They both pulled out swords and pointed them at him, "You could've killed me you damn runt, you're in trouble now!" Richie raised his sword, Jason held the axe up in front of him preparing himself to block.

"If you bring that sword down I swear to the Deos I will feed your balls to my hounds while they are still attached to you." Richie turned towards the voice and quickly dropped his sword.

"My apologies sir. I was just going to teach this runt a lesson for disrespecting us." A tall man walked up to them. Jason recognized the man immediately. The raven black hair tied in a tight bun, an eyepatch on his right eye with a scar running from the top of his head, across his eye and stopping right before his lips. A crimson red cape slung over one shoulder with the mark of the Rooks. The man who murdered Jason's father. Avos Black.

He walked up to Jason, Jason didn't move his eyes staring directly into his one eye.

"Do you know who I am?" Avos asked him.

"I sure do."

Avos smiled, "What's your name kid, for some reason you remind me of someone."

"Jason Fortes, son of Arthur Fortes." Jason said.

Avos squinted his eye for a second, he then began laughing loudly, "Your pops was the damn Captain of the Guard wasn't he. You hear that boy, this is the that damn fool's son." the two thugs began to chuckle awkwardly.

"You know it was your dad who did this to me." Avos said as he pointed at his eyepatch. Avos smirked at Jason, "I'm use to the hate in people's eyes towards me but you, you have more than hate and simple anger. I killed your dad and his men, I'm guessing you want revenge." Avos stepped back and spread his arms out.

"Go for it kid, I won't move. Drive that axe right into my neck and kill me. Just know that if you fail, I will have my men rape you mother, kill her, and then hang her body right there for everyone to see." he said while pointing towards the gate. "It's your choice son."

Jason tightened his grip on the axe, it took all his might to stop himself from driving it into his neck. He didn't want to risk it. Jason dropped the axe, and looked down.

"Smart man, I like that." he picked up the axe and handed it to Jason, "You've got guts for standing up to my men, and to know when it is smart to surrender. It might just be what I am looking for."

Jason looked up at him, "I'm offering you a place in the Rooks, from what I can see you have what it takes to make it far."

"I refuse." Jason said without a single moment of hesitation.

"You insolent brat!" Richie screamed.

Avos raised his hand to silence him. "That's fine." Avos walked over to Chichi and begins to pet her, running his hand through her mane. She nuzzles him playfully enjoying the attention.

"I like you son, I really do. Unfortunately, even if they are my most incompetent you disrespected my men and I just can't let it slide." He pulled out his dagger, he pressed against Chichi's throat and ran it swiftly across.

"Noooo!!!" Jason charged Avos with the axe up. Avos effortlessly sidestepped him, he punched him in the face and kicked Jason to the ground. He stepped over him and put a foot on his chest. "Don't try your luck, next time you'll end up just like your mule and your father." Avos kicks him in the gut and walks away, the two thugs laughing and walking behind him.

Jason brought his arm up and wiped the blood from his face, he slowly got up and walked over to Chichi's corpse. He knelt by her body and shut her eyes. A tear slid down his cheek. Another innocent life was taken. He clenched his fists, he wanted all of them to burn.
Jason tugged the cart, he grunted as he pulled one final time. He had made it all the way to the cottage. He picked up the rope and pulled the cart to the back.

He dropped the rope and fell to the ground, he leaned his head back against the cart and closed his eyes.

"JASOOONN!!!!" He opened his eyes just in time to see his little brother jump onto his chest.

"Easy little guy, you're going to crush me." He grabbed him and pulled him off. He giggled, he looks around with a look of confusion on his face.

"Where's Chichi? Mama said I could feed her today?" he asked with a frown on his face. Jason looks towards the cottage he sees his mom standing at the doorway. "Hey Angelo go find your sister, I need to have a grown up talk with Mama."

"Awww. Ok" Angelo walked back inside with a look of disappointment on his face. Jason got up, and quickly brushed himself off before heading towards the door.

"I'm guessing you already heard what happened." Jason said.

"I'm sorry I couldn't do anything to prevent it." he said apologetically. His mom grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. Jason felt a shaky breath come out of her as she dug her head into his shoulder.

"Deos Jason, all I heard was that the Rooks attacked you. I was so worried, I don't know what u would do if I would've lost you too." she said with tears in her eyes. Jason hugged her back, "I'm okay, just a few bruises." he said. She hugged him tighter and released , she looked him in the eyes. She sighed and smiled, "You have your father's big brown eyes, as well as his knack for getting in trouble." she looked down a look of sadness filling her eyes.

"Please son be careful." Jason nodded. He didn't tell her about how Avos had asked him to join the Rooks. He didn't want to worry her anymore than she already was.

"Come inside, I'm preparing a Juva cake. Maybe it'll distract the little ones before they realize that Chichi is gone."

Jason raked his hand through his hair, "Actually I've got to go meet up with Victoria she said she needed help with something." He said. He looked at his mom, she sighed, "Don't be gone too long." he nodded and turned around walking away from the cottage.

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