The Dragon King

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - It All Burns

Submitted: March 30, 2018

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Submitted: March 30, 2018



Jason overlooked the town from the top of an abandoned windmill, the sun slowly creeping its way across the sky.

"Would you look at that, Mister Fortes wasn't late today."

Jason turned around to see a girl around his age standing behind him. The girl smiled, her dark brown hair tied back in a losse ponytail with a few strands falling over her face. Her soft brown eyes giving him a feeling of relief and a small giddiness. She sat down next to him, they're arms brushing against eachother.

"I was only late that one time okay." he said. She laughed and punched him on the arm playfully, she brought her hand down next to his.

"I heard what happened, are you okay?"

"Word sure does travel quick doesn't it." he shook his head, "I'm okay Victoria, they just roughed me up a bit."

He let out a sigh, "Our friend Black asked me to join the Rooks." She moved back slightly her eyes opening wide, she was about to say something but Jason cut her off.

"I refused, there's no way I'd ever become one of them."

"I know that but why did he ask you directly. That never happens."

He shrugged keeping his eyes on the town, Victoria bit her lip and lowered her gaze, "Hey Jason... have you ever just thought about just leaving Hainsworth?"

He laughed it off, "And go where? The next three towns are also controlled by Rooks, there's like no where to go."

"What if we go somewhere else, like past Capitol Wall..." she threw herself back and laid on the ground. "Like imagine it Jason, behind those walls we'd be safe. No bandits, Ravagers, and no goddamn Rooks. I even bet the people are so much more different than us, the towns clean and probably the air even smells different." she turned her head towards him and looked him in the eyes.

"I actually do plan on leaving soon." she said softly. He furrowed his brows, "Are you serious?"

She got up, "Jason, I can't stand it here anymore. There is so much out there and I am stuck rotting away in this Deos forsaken place. I can't stay here and become like my parents. If the Rooks one day told them they wanted to take me you know what they would say? They'd be like go ahead, she's all yours." she knelt down beside him, reached over and grabbed his hand.

"I want you to come with me." He looked away towards the town, the chance to finally leave this place. He wanted to leave so badly, but at the same time he didn't just want to abandon his family. Victoria had told him before that she had no reason to be here anymore, her parents were a lost cause, her brother had been murdered by a Rook and she was getting at the age where the Rooks would start harassing her. The only reason she stayed was because of Jason.

"We can definetly make it if we both go, it would probably only take us a day, two at the most." her grip around his hand tightened, "I really don't want to go without you Jason." She leaned in closer, inches away from Jason's face.

"We can settle down in one of the first town's we find, I can try and become an apprentice for a tailor get better and then maybe even open up our own shop. You can most likely find a job in one of the sawmills." Jason's heartbeat began to race, he could smell the faint aroma of dyes and fresh cloth coming off her. He smiled and looked down, he traced his fingers across her knuckles, "You're always coming up with crazy ideas."

He closed the space between them and placed his lips on hers, the sweet, gentle feeling filling them both with a sense of security and warmth.

"Tonight, as soon as the Rooks are gone meet me at the gate. I want nothing more than to leave this town, and I want you at my side." Jason whispered softly to her. A light red blush spread across her cheeks, "Don't be late, Mister Fortes." she planted a kiss on his cheek and ran off down the windmill.

He stood up and looked across town, the sun setting filling the sky in a purple red light. "Goodbye Hainsworth."


He slowly opened the door to the cottage, he had waited till the sun had gone before coming back. He peeked his head and saw Angela and Angelo sleeping on the rack, all snuggled up. Slowly he made his way to them and took a knee beside the rack. Angelo held his sister tightly, she had her head snuggled up against his chest. The two twins had alwasy been really close.

"Protect your sister always little guy." he leaned over and planted a kiss on their heads.

"I promise i'll be back for you guys." he reached under and pulled out a large pack. He walked over to where he slept, and quickly began to stuff it with some clothes. He shut the pack tight and threw it over his shoulder. 

Quietly he walked over to the table in the center of the cottage, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a note he had written while waiting for it to get dark. He placed it on the table and sighed.

"Where you really just planning on leaving a note behind."

Startled he turned around, his mom stood at the doorway. "Mama, I'm sorry but you won't be able to stop me. I've made up my mind and I will be leaving. I will come back though, once I've made a name for myself."

Jason's mom smiled and walked over to him, "My boy. i'm not going to stop you." she gave him a smirk, "Your father and I did the same thing when we were around your age. We ran away from home." She looked into his eyes, the same conviction Arthur had years ago she could see in her son's eyes. She pulled out a letter and put it in his hand, "When you get past the wall, head to Fedar. My Aunt lives there, she's the only one who ever supported my decision of marrying your father. She will help you guys out." She pulled him in for a hug. "My little boy, you've grown to be such a fine man. Your father would be so proud."

Jason hugged her back and held back some tears, he was going to miss his family. "I will always carry you all in my heart, thank you Mama." he turned around and headed for the door. He stopped and looked back one more time, "Stay safe."

He ran out the door and headed for the gate.


Jason stayed close to the wall, hiding in the shadows so no one could see him.

"Pssst, Jason. You here yet." Jason looked towards the voice, a silhouette made its way towards him. "Over here." he whispered back.

"Are you ready?" he asked Victoria. She grabbed his hand and looked him in the eyes. "I've never been more ready for anything before." They turned towards the gate and began to make their way out.


They both stopped and looked at eachother, "What in the world." Victoria exclaimed. Jason looked up in time to see a massive fireball flying at them. "Get down!" he grabbed Victoria and jumped to the ground. The ball of fire flew past them and lit the entire gate ablaze. He turned around, a large black beast flew past the town breathing fire on most of the buildings.


Screams and shouts ended the quiet night, Jason saw as people ran out of their homes in a panic. "Rooks! Retreat!" Jason got up and grabbed Victoria, he pulled her off to the side. They watched as all the Rooks that hadn't been burned to a crisp ran out of the town leaving all of the people defenseless, to fend for themselves.

"Spineless bastards." Victoria dropped her bag and ran into the town. "Victoria! Wait!." Jason ran after her.

"Help me lead people out of here, run to the houses that haven't burned down and get people out." 

He looked at her, nodded and ran off deeper into the town. They began rounding up everyone from their houses and heading towards the gate, Jason kept looking around trying to see if he could find his family but nothing. Jason and Victoria had managed to gather the carts by the stable and were now loading people on them so they could get away quickly.

"Jason let's go the last cart is being loaded up right now, we need to leaved now." Victoria said, Jason turned around towards Hainsworth. 

"I need to go find my family, I didn't see them get on any of the carts. I'm sorry but i can't just leave them." he reached into his pocket and handed her the letter. "Go to Fedar, find my aunt. She will help you, I'll meet you there."

Victoria held tears back, she wrapped her arms around him and planted one last kiss on his lips. "Don't die on me Fortes." she turned around and ran towards the carts. He took in a deep breath and ran into the inferno which was once Hainsworth. Jason brought his arm up covering his mouth and nose from the fumes. He noticed that most of the cottages towards the back of town were still in one piece. A feeling of relief fell over him, "They have to be okay." He thought to himself.


"No no no no." Jason picked up his speed and took of in a dead sprint. He saw his cottage come into view, still in one piece. A silhuoette walked across the window, "Mama!!!" Jason yelled. He was a few feet away when suddenly a giant ball of fire lands in front of him straight into the cottage, the blast from the impact causing him to fly back. He lands hard on his back, the air being taken out of his lungs.

"Aghhh!" He raises his head to look down, his arms were covered in blisters, his clothes burning and melting on to his skin. The unbearable pain coursing through his body. "Aghhhhh!!!!" he squirmed in pain as the flames covered his body. A large gust of wind blows across him causing the flames to die out. A large thud causes him to look up, a large black beast stands before him. Large blood red eyes stare down at him, scales as pitch black as the night, horns coming out from the top of its head. A dragon, a real life dragon stood before him.

A powerful voice sounded in Jason's head. "What a pitiful sight. ?Why do you humans all burn so quickly?" ?The dragon brought his head closer to Jason, "?On the verge of death yet you aren't letting go, interesting." ?The dragon blows smoke out of his nostrils which envelop Jason completely. He feels the burning sensation vanish suddenly, he takes a deep breath and sits up. Looking down at his body he sees that all the blisters vanished and his clothes were back in one piece. He looks at his hand and sees a mark on it. He looks up at the dragon, "Why did you just do that? And what is this?" he asks it while raising his hand up.

?"I can't let my pawn die so easily, you've got a bigger role to play in the upcoming events. I'd prefer it if you were breathing and not horribly disfigured. And that is my gift to you, my brother once had his pawn and now you will be mine."?

Jason clenched his fists and got up, he looked the dragon in the eyes. The mark began to glow brighter as Jason's anger rised. "I will never be a pawn for you. I will kill you." His entire famiy has been killed and the one responsible stood in front of him.

?"Hahaha, look at that fire. You will do perfect, we'll meet again my Dragon King." ?The dragon raised his head and blew out one more breath of fire before extending his wings and flying off into the sky. "Aghhhh!!!" Jason screams at it, the rage completely over taking him. Oblivious to it, a circle of flames form around Jason. "I WILL KILL YOU!" he screams. 

"Stand down!" 

Jason turns around to see knights riding on their horses coming towards him. He turns to them still not noticing the flames that followed him, Jason couldn't think straight the only thing he was feeling at the moment was anger. "I will kill him." he says.

"I said stand down! Archers ready!!" the main knight yells, they surround Jason in a circle keeping their distance from the flames that danced around him. The archers raised their bows and aimed at him. Jason looked around, he opened his fists and the flames slowly died down. A smaller knight walked up to him quickly. "The dragon...."

Jason was cut off as the knight threw a punch right into his face, he crumbled and fell to the ground. "Damn it Rosenheart he had already surrendered."

"You can never be too careful." The knight said.

A bigger man climbed off his horse and walked towards Jason, he looked down at his hand towards the mark. A crescent moon. "Pick him up men, we're taking him to Astera." the man walks back to his horse and mounts it. The knight who threw the punch takes its helmet off, blond hair falls to her shoulders and bright blue eyes stare down at Jason's unconcious body. 

"You heard the Captain, someone pick this idiot up. We're taking him with us." she said as she walked to her horse. "Yes Ma'am!" they scream.

Rosenheart rides her horse next to the Captain, "Sir with all due respect I think this is a bad idea." she says.

"It's better if we keep a close eye on him. That mark means trouble."

"What does it mean sir?" 

"It means that Haglethorne's end might be near."

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