The Dragon King

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Mark

Submitted: February 18, 2018

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Submitted: February 18, 2018



Jason slowly opened his eyes, disoriented and lost he looked around. He was in some kind of sick bay. He raised his right arm and saw it was wrapped up in a linen wrap, he began unwrapping it when a voice grabbed his attention, " I wouldn't do that if I were you." 

He turned towards the voice and saw a young woman in a full set of some kind of steel armor. She had short dark blonde hair, and piercing ice cold blue eyes.

"We still don't know what that mark can do and apparently no healing magic has been able to remove it. I'd leave it wrapped up." She said towards him.

"Where am I?" He sat up, bringing his hand up to his head. Images of flames and a giant beast flooded his head, he grunted feeling an aching pain in the back of his skull.

"It's a bit hard to explain but you're here because you are the only lead we have to a string of recent incidents we've been having in Haglethorne. Right before I knocked you out we found you screaming at the sky surrounded in a ring of fire. " She walked over to the bed he was laying on and took a seat on a chair that had been next to him.

"You knocked me out?" he repeated.

She chuckled, "I was honestly expecting more of a fight but yeah one swift punch to the dome piece and you were down. We carried you here to Astera to have you questioned. Now that you are awake, do you care to explain what you were doing in the middle of a burning town without a snigle burn on you with flames circling around you?" She said.

"Did anyone else make it out of the cottage?" he said ignoring her question..

She clicked her tongue, "The few surviving villagers made it out on the carts, you were the only person we found when we arrived."

Jason's heart sunk and he felt the whole world completely turn upside down. His family gone. Just like that, without anything he could've done to help. He thought back to it, the black silhuoette at the window right before the ball of fire consumed the cottage. He clenched his fists, "I need to find it." he said.

"I'm sorry for any losses you suffered but we need to know what is going on. That was the fifth village to be completely burned to the ground." She said.

He began unwrapping the bandage and as his anger grew larger, a burning sensation on his right arm began. Completely unwrapped the symbol was in a large crescent moon shape with one dot straight in the middle.

"That spot wasn't there before." She said in an alarmed tone. 

He looked it over, it was burnt into his skin and looking at it brought small flashbacks to the excruciating pain he felt. He looked down at his arms but there was no traces of scars from where the fire had burned him. 

He got up from the rack and fell over almost immediately. 

"Hey hey easy there, you've been out for a while. Your legs haven't even woken up completely." She said as she picked Jason up and placed him on the rack.

"Wait, how long was I out for?" he asked her.

"About a week I'd say. You were unconcious the whole ride here and we then tried to revive you as soon as we arrived but nothing worked. We even got worried that the blow i gave you might have killed you" She said.

"What!! Impossible. Was I really our for that long?" 

The doors to the bay opened and a large man in a similar suit of armor as the girl came walking in. 

"Good morning sir, nothing to report at the moment the patient had just woken up and was asking a few questions." She said as she got up quickly and to attention.

"At ease, it's ok Rosenheart no need to be so formal right now." The man said, he looked at Jason.

"Good to see you have finally woken, I am Captain Mooteg." He said.

"Jason, Jason Fortes." Jason responded.

"Well Jason i know you must have alot of questions right now but there's some matters that need to be taken care of and that requires your presence." He pointed to the door, "When you are ready, Lady Rosenheart will escort you to the Arcane Mage's quarter we might have found what that mark means."

He turned around and walked out of the room.

Jason swung his legs over the side of the rack, moved them around a little to make sure they were awake and got up.

"So which way umm Miss Rosenheart?" Jason asked.

"Call me Bianca, and through here." 

She led him through a series of hallways, they soon reached a large wooden door and he could hear voices coming from the other side. Bianca walked up to the door and knocked hard.

The room became silent, a few seconds later, an elderly looking man opened the door slowly

"Excuse me, Arcane Mage we have come as you've instructed."

The old man looked passed her and looked towards Jason. 

"So you're the human flame everyone has been talking about. " He said towards him. 

He opened the door even more and motioned for us to walk in.
"Jason is your name correct?" He said as he walked towards the book shelf and began looking for something.

"That is correct sir." 

Jason looked around the room, it was a small crammed room full of bookcases, books and scrolls which were scattered everywhere. On the tables, the floor, on top of the bookshelves. The old man reached up and pulled a large black leather book, it had a bunch of odd symbols on it. He threw it on the table in front of him.

"The Champion of the Verlecs, the mighty dragon race."

Jason looked at the book, "The world used to be ruled by dragons, we humans were nothing more than a snack for them. Forced into hiding, forced to scavenge and live in caves and underground cities. That was centuries ago when we first started colonizing Haglethorne." 

He opened the book and the weird writing on it began glowing.

"What is this language?" Bianca asked.

"A lost language, the language of the dragons. This book was written by a former Champion I believe, unfortunately we aren't able to decipher it completely only bits and pieces."

He grabbed Jason's hand and looked at his mark, "The Champion was a name used for people like you but before Champions came to be, the ones with the mark they were most commonly known as the Dragon Kings" he said. 

"Wait! As in like Dragon King Mason?" Bianca asked. 

"Oh so the young miss knows her history!" the Arcane Mage said. 

"No, it's nothing more than a bedtime story my father would tell me before going to bed, of how the Dragon King killed Kaldrago and brought peace to Haglethorne allowing humans to finally populate the surface." she said. 

Jason looked at the book, the symbols began glowing, he began to read. 


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