The Dragon King

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - King Derek

Submitted: February 18, 2018

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Submitted: February 18, 2018



The throne room doors were huge, as in 10ft tall at least. 
"Whats the point of such huge doors, is the king like a giant or something?" Jason asked.

"Look when you walk in, bow down and don't look up until he says something. Just walk in, bow, say your grace, and wait to be spoken to. This is the king of Astera so please show some restrain and only answer the questions he asks you."
Jason looked at her and nodded, they opened the doors and walked in. The throne room inside was enormous, giant pillars stood around the room, a large red carpet lay on the floor in the middle towards the king's throne.

The king sat on the throne, his gaze following Jason as he walked towards him. Captain Mooteg stood beside the king and another man as well. The man was a tall skinny fellow, a long brown beard covered most of his face along with long brown hair.  Jason and Bianca reached the throne, both of them bowed down

"Your Grace." they both said in unison.

The king sternly looked at Jason, "Rise." he said.

They both looked up, Jason looked at the king. King Derek, he sat on his throne with his strong eyes and powerful gaze that seemed to look at Jason as if expecting something else. He was a big man, strong broad shoulders and large arms. His blondish hair neatly trimmed with his crown sitting perfectly on his head. 

Bianca cleared her throat, "Your Grace, this is Jason Fortes. The man from Hainsworth." she said.

The king chuckled, "You're a mere child, show me the mark." 
Jason raised his hand, the crescent moon with the dot. "Your Grace, I am no King especially not a Dragon King. I am nothing more than a farm boy who's parents and siblings were murdered." 

"You're right you are no king. Never will be." He turned towards Captain Mooteg. "If you want him you can have him. He is of no use to me. Train him and make him a decent warrior." he turned back to Jason. 

"Young man, there is a growing crisis and unfortunately you're apparently the only one who will be able to stop it. You want to avenge your family then train and become stronger because what I see now is nothing more than a scared child. Prove me wrong." He leaned back into his throne.

"I am placing him under you watch Lady Rosenheart, you are one of our most capable lieutenants. He will train under you." 
Bianca bowed, "As you wish, your Grace." 
"Be gone now, your training begins as of now." He said.
Jason bowed down and turned around, Bianca and him walked out of the throne room.

"Your Grace he is going to get himself killed, he is not the Dragon King this must be a misunderstanding." the man next to him said. 
The king shook his head, "There is no mistake, I see it in him. It's hidden and covered up by all his fear but it's there. The making of a real king. We're just going to need to drag it out." 

(Walking down the hallway)

"So I'm going to guess the king doesn't like me already." Jason said.
Bianca shook her head, "No that's not it, he's just like that. He's always super stern and mean looking but he's a kind hearted and good king. Beside if anything I think he does like you otherwise he wouldn't be putting this much trust in you."

"Trust? He doesn't trust me." 

They walked towards a door, Bianca knocked on it, "Oh he does, he literally said you are the only one who can stop whatever has been attacking the towns."

"You still don't believe that dragon's are behind these attacks."

"I'll believe it once I see it. And then I'll drive my sword through it."

The door opened, a tall bald man was standing there. He had a black apron on him, his dark brown eyes stared them down. He then smiled showing a full denture of white teeth.

"Well if it isn't Bianca Rosenheart herself." He said with a huge grin.
She smiled back, "Broldo it's been a while." 

"How may I help you, milady?" he asked. She looked towards Jason, "I need a sword for our newest recruit, armor we can find in the armory later but he's a special case so I want him to train with his very own sword." she told him. Broldo stared at Jason.
"Hmm have you ever even held a sword before?" He asked. Jason shook his head.

Broldo smiled, "Well lets see..." He looked Jason up and down.  "He's a small fella, a short sword would work perfectly for him, and if he really wants I could make his a broadsword but that would really take him a while to get use to."

"Well we really don't have time for him to get use to a large sword, Broldo I don't want to give you a lot of work. A simple short sword will work for him please." Bianca said.

"Alrighty milady. I will get on that as soon as possible and I'll have it delivered to the young man's quarters." Broldo bowed slightly and closed the door. Bianca pushed Jason down the hallway, " Come its too late to start your training today, i'll take you to your quarters. We'll start your training tomorrow."

They walked through the castle until they reached stairs that led underground. "The knights sleep in the barracks, that is where I will be if you need me for anything" they walked down the stairs, "their squires on the other hand sleep here." They reached an old wooden door, Bianca pushed it open. It was a small damp old room, their were multiple beds set along the wall. Each of them with a small wooden box in the front.

"The rest of the squires are at the dining hall getting ready to go to bed." She led him to an empty bed, which had nothing more than a sack full of hay and a small sack for a pillow.
"This one is yours, I'll come get you in the morning." She turned around and started walking away. She stopped, "Jason the king has placed a lot of trust in me, I will make sure you become a warrior one way or the other. Be prepared." She turned around and started walking away.

"Bianca wait." 

She turned around, "Thank you for what you have done for me, I don't remember much from when I was unconscious but I do remember that you took care of me. Of course you were the one who knocked me out but still. Thank you." he said.
She smiled, "I was only following orders to keep you alive, and now my orders are to train you so you better know damn well i'll make a knight out of you. Rest up Jason it's going to be a long day." she walked out and closed the door behind her.

Jason sighed and threw himself on the bed, it smelled of mold and dirt but for someone who had been sleeping for a while he was exhausted. He closed  his eyes and began drifting away. He was going to become a knight, and he was going to avenge his parents. Dragon king or not, he was going to kill Kaldrago. 

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