Softest Song

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Since moving to the Philippines I became an atheist, but sometimes I almost go back, at least until life reminds me what a pile of shit living is.

Submitted: February 18, 2018

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Submitted: February 18, 2018



Once, when I chose to suspend my belief

In the soul’s pious glove, that forgiving sheath,

I feared the stars would against me turn,

Light withheld from ruined sojourn,

Until this earth could no longer rest

From its obligation to the flesh.


And when to the sands did I venture forth,

A voice descended, I felt from the north,

Quietly streaming by blue winds fed,

A purple strand from a purple thread.

Without words the voice I began to feel,

Said only a gentle nurse may heal.


Yet when I followed its pretty tune,

It echoed from the sandy dune,

Before seeming to altogether fade,

Leaving my ailing faith betrayed,

In wilderness weary footsteps thick,

In a realm bereft of candlewick.


Thus I turned from where I had come,

My patience weak, my senses numb,

Only to pick up the voice again

As it trailed, an inconspicuous wren,

Above these deadly boards of the pawn,

And I followed again, ‘til again it was gone.


At each call are we closer done

Of the books set down by bearded ones,

Such as the earliest, Genesis,

Or that which follows, Exodus?

And must we listen so intently

So not to miss what’s whispered gently?


Now I believe and disbelieve;

I play a child’s game with reprieve,

Shifting, shifting, to and fro,

Shifting, for I do not know

Of which vein I am wiser bled,

Nor what will happen when I’m dead.


copyright 2018 by Tag Cavello

© Copyright 2018 Tag Cavello. All rights reserved.

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