The One Night Stand

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Horror. Humour.

Submitted: February 18, 2018

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Submitted: February 18, 2018



One Night Stand


  Frank gazed out the window to the trains pulling in and

out at Tempe station, as he stood at the toilet in his ensuite


  He hummed " Tonight's The Night " as he thought about her

tunnel of love.

  She's a natural blonde, just my type, all curves!

  Bet there's no cellulite on her!

  Those legs!

  Lucky tonight!

  Don't like big boobs anyhow!

  She looks like Channel Seven's weather girl!

  Probably goes Brazilian!

  Can't wait to kiss her lips!

  Frank put on some deoderant, cleaned his teeth, flossed his teeth,

tried to clean his old boy with a wet washer.

  Can't say I'm not clean. I'd have a shower, but I'm in a rush.

 - Frank when are you coming out!

- I'll be there soon babe.

  Frank searched a drawer for a condom or two.

  Nah, I won't need one of those, she looks respectable.

- Hurry up Frank! I've got to use the toilet!

- I'll be out soon babe!

- I've gotta go Frank!

- Alright babe, here I come!

  Frank went to put some more deoderant on, but heard a noise.

He looked around at the door, a tube like thing, like an intestine,

had forced its way under the door, it coiled its way over the

the tiles, and up the pocelain of the toilet, to the top. The mouth

of the tube splattered watery faecal gunk everywhere, some

even made it into the toilet bowl.

  Bad case of diarrhoea!

  Frank moved away from smell.

- That's better!

  Frank heard her voice from the bedroom.




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