The Date

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Two college friends reconnect after five years and then there is a startling revelation.

I stood in front of City Hotel  in Kolkata, looked at my watch, and waited for my friend. It was the 31st of December and the time was 8 pm. On the last day of college Lipika and I had decided to meet after five years at this particular place around 8pm in the evening, on the last day of the year and check where we stood in life.

“I will get everything in life, a rich husband,  the best clothes, cars and a big house.. Check me out after five years”.  Fatherless Lipika and her widowed mother lived with her maternal uncle and his wife, deprived of even the tiniest luxuries in life humiliated and made to slog with the household chores.

In the last five years I had kept myself busy,  passed my Bed exam and got a teaching job in a government school.  It was only last year that I had met Sujoy Bose a lecturer in college and we had decided to get married after a few months.

Minutes were ticking away, had Lipika forgotten our date ?  Suddenly a black Mercedes slowed down in front of me.  At the wheel was a very handsome man and next to him was a woman.

For a few seconds I could not recognize  her.  Resplendent she looked in a green embroidered saree, colored hair and heavy gold jewellery.

“Lipika” I almost gasped.  We did embrace each other. The car had inched away and was waiting in front of an Electronic shop.

She saw me looking at the car.  “That is Pranoy Sen my beau. We are getting married next month. I am in a great hurry, getting late for a party otherwise I would have introduced you to him.  I will send you the wedding card, you must come.

We exchanged phone numbers.  I was so happy for her, as the car moved away.

“What was the bitch saying?” A garish looking woman in her thirties came and stood next to me.

“Who ? What?” I frowned

“Why the woman you were talking to just now. She walked away with my client Pranoy Sen.” The woman said roughly.” We are in the same profession for the last four and half years”.

Everything was so confusing. “What profession ?  Pranoy Sen that is the name of the person my friend is getting married to”. I blurted out.

The woman laughed hoarsely.  “Pranoy has a wife at home and two children.  A rich business tycoon doesn’t marry a street walker”.

Suddenly  she turned on me.  “This is my space, I stand here for my clients, you move somewhere else and stand for yours.”

Some men who were eyeing us had started moving forward.  I hailed a taxi and got into it almost panting.

This couldn’t be true.

I dialed Lipika’s number a voice at the other end said, “This telephone no does not exist.

Lipika had proved her point, she had everything in life as she would have me believe, except of course honour.


Submitted: February 19, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Sharmila Roy Ghosal. All rights reserved.

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Tis readable again and again.

Thu, June 7th, 2018 4:11pm

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