Chilled to the bone

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I have searched and now I have found

Submitted: February 19, 2018

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Submitted: February 19, 2018



Death and I walk together. We are not the best of friends but he looks out for me. I haven’t been well you see and he’s promised me a new body. I asked him if I could be that famous actress I admire but he said he has other plans for her. I don’t want to be a child having to re- learn everything I want to be fully functioning and solvent. And so the hunt goes on. We thought we’d cracked it last week but apparently the girl in question, who is a care assistant and has a good heart has problems with her muscles and she isn’t going to get any better. I need a fitness fanatic who likes chocolate.

Bitter and twisted old bat, that’s not what I would like to be but she fits the bill. She has a good job in the Council and a lovely house if only she was about thirty years younger, her daughter on the other hand is a better choice and once I establish myself I can get rid of the matriarch and live rent free, I will have to check the status of the Will of course, don’t want to have to work for a living.

I have done my research and I think I will keep looking, my companion tells me there isn’t much time so it’s a small window in which to reach my goal, my needs are greater than others so I will have to be quick, we visited a nice lady just last week and she seems to be suitable. She’s a writer, she puts down the most wonderful prose and is respected and revered in her profession, in fact I’m standing right next to her as she pounds away on her laptop, or should I say - I was.


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