Buckles and Locks

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This is a short story for children or people who enjoy short adventures. It begins in the middle of a chase. A you rabbit and mink are running from a seemingly murderous cougar. How will it end?
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Submitted: February 19, 2018

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Submitted: February 19, 2018



Buckles & Locks

Thunder roared from the clouds as the storm continued to approach. With it came lightning and a cold autumn rain. The old log rattled against wet, rocky ground, alerting a nearby cougar. “Stop shaking Buckles! He’ll hear us!” The white bunny whispered.

 “I can’t!” cried the grey mink. “I’m scared and my tail is still bleeding. What are we gonna do?”

Locks peeped through a hole in the log. “I think he’s gone now. Let’s walk out quietly.” The young creatures crept slowly into the thickets. Knowing his friend was domestic, Locks took the lead. “Follow me closely. Minks don’t belong in the evergreen forests.” Eventually, the rains stopped and the sun started to set.  At dusk, they met a picturesque creek. “The clovers are good to eat. We can stay here to be safe.” The two crawled into a tunnel and went to sleep.

In the midnight hour they were awaken by a startling roar. “I know you are hiding children! You cannot hide from me!” Locks poked his head out from the tunnel.

 “He’s found us!” Buckles cried.

“It’s going to be alright Buckles. He’s not going to find you. But you need to stay here. Don’t leave this hole till dawn.”

“Yes Locks, but promise you will come back.” Without answer, Locks leaped out of the hole and dashed away. The cougar angrily pursued him. Buckles sat shivering in the dark hole, listening as the cougar’s roars faded. The creek quieted and the songs of crickets lulled him to sleep.

At dawn he awoke and searched. He ran for miles but Locks was nowhere to be found. “Locks where are you?” Buckles called. But after a moment of quiet, he broke into tears. “This is my fault! I suggested we go play by the lake! Now I’m lost and Locks is gone forever!” Just as he was beginning to accept the blame, there came a voice from behind him.

“There you are! I’ve been searching all over for you!” Buckles turned to see the cougar slowly but menacing closing in.

“I can’t keep running! Go ahead and eat me!” Buckles

 The cougar was stunned. “Why give up so easily?” he asked.

“You killed my best friend! I couldn’t possibly run and I have lost my home. If you don’t kill me something else will! Please, I beg of you to end me now!”

“Is that really what you want?” the cougar asked.

“Yes! Do it and do so quickly!” Buckles said kneeling at the predator’s paws.

“I have seen nothing sadder than this. That your heart is devoid all hope. I will do as you have asked. How do you wish to die?” Locks didn’t even think.

“The same way you killed Buckles.”

The cougar smiled. “Well that will be very difficult to do.” he said.

“I’ll say! He can’t do that because I’m not dead.” Locks looked up to see his friend’s beady red eyes. “Buckles you’re alive! But why are you with him?”

 Locks explained that the cougar had been friends with their parents. “When I saw you earlier, I knew you had to be lost.” The cougar explained.

“I can take you both home, but we should leave now. These forests are crawling with vicious predators.”



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