All about Drama Lives!

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A Novella about everything you can find, my characters that I have invented for this fiction book are very kind, generous, people who don't discriminate the rich and poor qualities. Filled with
drama, family, relationships, friendships and spouses.

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hope you enjoy!

Seniha Haksever

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Submitted: February 19, 2018


Lara can sum up a whole lifetime. It is mainly working, getting paid, saving up money. Rumi says everyone has been created for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in
every heart. But If you have allot of leisurely time on your hands the clock feels like it is ticking backwards, the time just doesn’t fly fast, if you are a busy business women/man then chances
are your time will certainly fly out of your hands that you wouldn’t even be able to hold it. If you give kindness to people and expect the same thing back in return you will be stuck in that trap
forever, Lara hears that people say life is cruel but in all honesty Lara doesn’t agree with that quote. Lara believes it is people that are cruel, if you want to be a helping hand do it with your
heart or not at all as Rumi says because not everyone has a soft heart as you or you will be disappointed.
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Chapter 1

Submitted: February 19, 2018

Chapter 1

L ara wakes up to her alarm at 7:30 on the dot this

might look shocking to you but she always wakes up with a big smile on her face because she is a morning’s person but obviously other people get up with a disturbed feeling and grumpy face. Lara
believes she is a one in a million kind of lady. Whoever will fall in love with her will definitely be very lucky. She gets up throws on a pair of tight sports pants, a T-shirt and goes downstairs,
she asks for a fresh squeezed orange juice from her servant Lisa, she heads off for her normal daily activity which is running so she can be healthy and fit.

The air is icy cold and foggy this morning great temperature to warm up her body even though Lara doesn’t really like cold weather but she must stay fit because summer is on its way. She starts
running around her neighborhood to do 5 laps. As she is running she sees a view of an old man that looks like a junky- by the way Lara’s eyes are very excellent at sight-seeing from long distances
speaking of her ‘eyes’ she hears an airplane zooming through her head, she looks up to see what the name of the plane is, it says Qatar. But she keeps on running continuously non-stop.

Lara is almost half way through to get to see the old man, she has a feeling that this man needs her help, she literally feels it in her gut, she is huffing and puffing, almost coming closer to see
the man... Now she can see him more clearly than before. She notices his cloudy white beard and bright blue eyes, when he sees Lara running closer he suddenly stops her to say something.

‘Excuse me dear I am sorry to disturb you but have you got any money on you like about $5 dollars, I haven’t eaten anything for days I only have half a bottle of water on me left’

‘Oh sure sir I should have about $10 or $20 bucks left in my pocket, here I have got $20 for your luck, here’

‘Thank you very much dear may god always bless you’

‘That’s alright god bless you too’

The man walks away with a big smile on his face and Lara proceeds to run again feeling all pumped up. She knew from the start that this poor man needed her help, her intuition just tells her
everything, she feels sorry and bad for poor people, she has a strong feeling of empathy for people but she is also merry and proud for being a helping hand. There are people out there who are
selfish and cruel who don’t even bother to help someone who is starving from hunger, she just couldn’t leave that man to suffer anyway she has always wanted to give charities and donations to
people who are in need and hardship just like her dad so this was the day! This has just put her mood up!

Lara comes back home to have her snack as she hears her phone ring she reaches her hand to answer the call, it is Demi.

‘Hey hun, how’s it going how did you go with your publishing agent?’

‘Oh my god it was fantastic! My agent said she loved my journal and guess what! All my hard work is going to go on print and published into ‘Demi’s Official Media Release’ magazine can you believe

‘Wow this is terrific congratulations I am so proud of you girl!’

‘Thank you Lara it’s all your encouragement and support if it wouldn’t be you I wouldn’t have come this far’

‘Thank you hun but you’re talented for this too remember that’

‘Okay I will do so. So what have you been up to lately, after that blast we had together last Saturday night?’

‘I just came back from my run, still working on my novel trying to figure out bits and pieces’

‘Running? Girl you need to stop I know this is something you always do but do you want to be as skinny as a stick?

‘I know but summer is coming I need to be in form and shape’

‘Oh whatever and don’t worry you’ll figure out your novel you’re way more talented than me’

‘I hope so hun, hey why don’t you come over for a visit not to be rude but this will save up my phone bill haha’

‘Oh fine Lara I am on my way be there in 15 minutes’

Knock, knock

‘Who’s there?’


‘Demi who?’

‘Demi the magazine publisher’

‘Haha, haha’

As Lara sees Demi she hugs her so tight to welcome and congratulate her ‘would you like a cuppa?’ ‘Ah yes please as usual’ ‘so ready to see your magazine in store?’ ‘absolutely I have been waiting
for this for years I am so excited now I understand your joy when you had all your other novels published’ ‘yeah it is an astonishing feeling’ they both take sips on their coffees ‘so how do you
think you are going to sort out your novel other than your life story?’ ‘Well I have reached to the climax, in future wise I am thinking of killing off my main character to end the resolution but I
am not sure if it is a good idea’ ‘hm you know I am not that good with novels as you are but I don’t think it is a good idea to kill off your main character as it is the most important character in
your novel, anyway it is up to you’ ‘hm well I will just go with the flow and see what happens but thank you for your opinion’ ‘you’re welcome’

Lara walks over to the dining table where the typewriter is ‘I am going to work on my novel’ ‘with your typewriter?’ ‘Yes’ ‘do you still use this antique?’ ‘off course I do writers love typewriters
no matter how old fashioned it is’ ‘I see that’ she starts to type as Demi listens to the sounds that she makes ‘And doesn’t that typewriter fit your hands and nails perfectly’ ‘I told you it is
something that is still great to use besides the year it was manufactured’ Demi grabs a magazine from Lara’s shelf and starts to browse through it with interest and fascination.

‘Did you want to stay over for dinner my dad’s making turkey with rice you’ll love it!’ ‘no hun Nico is going to take me out tonight he said he needs a break from all the hard work he is doing with
architecture but thank you for the offer’ Demi’s body language shows cheekiness as Lara smiles in return.

‘Hm so you guys have all sorted out your house designs and financial issues ey?’

‘Well almost it is better than before we kept on arguing with the plan for our new home, I couldn’t convince him about how I want to pay for the interior and he could pay for the exterior, trying
to acknowledge him that it is not that expensive but he just doesn’t listen, gosh men these days’

‘hm I get your point you want to pay half-half but I guess he just doesn’t want to feel low self-esteem he just wants to do all the work not to feel embarrassed in front of you because you remember
how his from a low class family in cost’

‘yes hun I know that’s why I wanted us to pay half but I guess he still feels bad that he can’t offer me a high class living’

‘I understand. But you love him don’t you?’

‘Off course I do money can’t buy love and that’s what’s special about our relationship’

‘Yeah indeed’

Lara really loves and adores her best friend’s relationship with Nico she can view that their bonds will connect so tightly together and it will stay the way it is and last for a lifetime. She is
very eager to discover a brand new relation to connect with a better and more decent young man than all the other guys she dated. She can see her outlook in love, when you’re young you make stupid
decisions, fall for guys who are just complete idiots and cowards. She guesses she is starting to realize that she has grown out of her teenage years into adulthood. More stable, steady and well
balanced, putting the thinking caps on to make more intelligent life changing responses in her private life, by leaning on using her brain more than her heart.

Sometimes you’re just left in between your heart and mind, you love a man but he might not have a very good personality, he is a bourgeois, selfish and only cares about himself, he gets very close
with you, buys you expensive diamonds and jewelry until he gets what he is aiming at, he actually doesn’t want a serious relationship with you, he just wants the affair, the flirtation and if he is
lucky enough to reach his direct point, his goal of his desired intentions he will succeed his manly hood obsessions and passions.

Later that night Lara watches how her dad comes in the door and tosses the keys but not with a smile on his face he looked down and languorous for some reason that she didn’t know of. He went onto
making the Turkey and rice he is like as if he is not there his mind somewhere else. The only small sentence he said was ‘hi, how was your day’ something was wrong she just knew it from his vibes.
Lara and her dad both sat down at the dinner table, she inspected around the table with her eyes…. There was no salad, chips or any dips it was only plain Turkey that was overcooked and rice that
was uncooked properly….. What was going on?

Lara would never want her dad to be in this state of mind whatever is wrong she will find out somehow, she doesn’t think it is because of her mum or doesn’t think he would have anything to do with
her as she left us years ago to another man and went to Sweden. Could it be about her? She thinks. If it is she would be very angry with her after all she is all the pain and drama that she caused
for her dad, her dad almost got fired from his job because of her, Lara is curious to know what the situation is. She is not going to let anything hurt her dad anymore because her dad is a
wonderful man and has a heart of gold.
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Chapter 2

Submitted: February 19, 2018

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Chapter 3

Submitted: February 19, 2018

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Chapter 4

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 6

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Chapter 7

Submitted: February 19, 2018

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Chapter 8

Submitted: February 19, 2018

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Chapter 9

Submitted: February 19, 2018

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Chapter 10

Submitted: February 19, 2018

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Chapter 11

Submitted: February 19, 2018

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Chapter 12

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Chapter 13

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Chapter 14

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Chapter 15

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Chapter 16

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Submitted: February 19, 2018


After Lara’s marriage’s ending Isaac takes her to Hawaii like they mentioned and planned. They stayed at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows. It was a 4-star hotel Luxe Resort with golf courses
and a spa. During their stay at their honeymoon everything was spontaneous with lots of happiness, laughter and pleasurable sex! (again) of course. But this time normal sex in general. Lara and
Isaac were now very happy, delighted, married partners. In 2 year’s time Lara gets pregnant to 2 children, a girl and a boy. Her daughter looks alike with her and her son took his dad’s side
half-half. They named their children Molly and Max. They continued to live their lives in peace and serenity. As well as Demi and Nico and all so everybody else that they knew of.
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