Blinker Fluid

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Submitted: February 20, 2018

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Submitted: February 20, 2018



My friend Ed told me this story and I think its a hoot. Like me, Ed is a practical joker. Or at least we both have had our moments when we felt the need to pull a good one on others. Anyways my friend Ed told me this story and I have to share it because I think its classic.


Ed use to tinker with cars. He still does and one of his friends was going to another state for Thanksgiving. A young lady from what I understand and she asked Ed to look over her car and check things on it to make sure it was trip worthy. He did but then at the end of inspecting her car he told her that when she got to her folks home, to have someone there check her blinker fluid levels because they were a little low. She looked at him and questioned if there was such a thing as blinker fluid because she had never heard of such a thing. Now mind you, the gal was fairly young and didn't know that much about cars and such but she respected Ed (as I do) and she questioned him on this.


Without missing a beat and with a total serious look on his face Ed told her that every car has blinker fluid. What happens is that the filament in a light bulb will get hot after a while of being turned on and off and the fluid will keep it cool and keep the bulb from burning out. Actually this sounds logical if you don't know cars.


The gal takes Ed on face value that this must be true and Ed tells her to ask a relative when she gets there if they can help her refill the blinker fluid.


The gal goes to her home state and is having Thanksgiving dinner with her family and during the meal the conversation turns to her trip there, was it safe and how her car is driving etc to which she is reminded to ask someone there to help her refill her blinker fluid. So she tells everyone there at the table that at some point she will need someone to help her check the fluid.


Now mind you, her whole family is there all talking and enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner and such and they all stop and look at her like “What?” “What did you say?”


Apparently she tells them that her friend Ed told her she needed to check her blinker fluid because it was low and she explains what he said.


There is a moment of silence at the table and then everyone there breaks out laughing and the girl turns read.


Ed tells me he gets a call after ward and she said she was gonna kill him when she saw him again but then she laughs and says “Good one Ed” to which he laughs.


He told me later that he didn't actually think she would end up asking the whole family about her blinker fluid over Thanksgiving dinner. I laughed hard when he told me this story.


Darn it. I wished I had thought of it. I think this is classic.


So next time someone ask you about their car and they don't know much about cars tell them to be sure to check their blinker fluid.




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