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have you ever pictured or imagined how it might look like up above in heaven, what about the peace, justice and tranquelity. The structure and nature of beauty, this poem is as far as a poet can
go, hope u would enjoy it.

Submitted: February 20, 2018

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Submitted: February 20, 2018



Azure Iki Mudiaga-Maxwell Aghogho


Beyond the lingering appearance of the firmament, Beyond the acrid orange exquisiteness the spread blanket Brings in day’s infancy, Beyond the creamy beauty the recoiling snail Brings in night’s intimacy, There is a place.

Beyond the beauty of Andromeda’s jewel And all her precious peacock feathers That is staked with eyes of admiration, Which got her swelling in pride? Beyond the landmark of the monster princesses In their gigantic diamond clone Beyond the throne of beautiful sister Saturn, And her treasured twenty daughters, There is a place.


This place is the charming softness of day’s infant tear, This place is the calmness whose possible powers Have waved sceptre across sun’s face. This place is the smiling Queen whose jewels told the moon “I’m of no comparison in beauty with you.” This place is fairer than the fairest rose Mama Ayah has to offer This place is the E Goli the Amagodukas javelins Could not dig out of place This place is the crystal waters The Stallion Fillies and Crystal Unicorns Genuflects before in hunger for a taste of life, Azure is the place.

Her boarder’s fine blue and red roses Polish the jewels on her crown, Then within her still fairness and glistering golden streets Azure filters through all within her in divine glory, In glory of the Potter that made her so And in her timeless seasons Her giant acacias sheer their yellow and white splendour Like snow fall. Iki Mudiaga-Maxwell Aghogho Cherubs are vivid like the sun! And in timeless seasons like crystal egrets Azure is the place.


Azure planet my solo being is at the call for you; And you must tend to trend her gates in pureness of heart, Striving to ignore Hades hideous keep to be within her For in there eyes are soft and men are oil that burn in lamps Azure is the place.

Azure is the kingdom of the ancient Prince, The face of death, The prinking call of the owl in her cold darkness, The gathering of raven, The team work of the hyenas Are never found in Azure.

Azure Is the kingdom of the ancient Prince Let all face fall down and worship the prince And his Dominion

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