The Boy

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Misusuing Powers

Submitted: February 21, 2018

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Submitted: February 21, 2018



Gavin and Pablo sat down to eat lunch. Jacob joined us 2 minutes later. "How are you guys doin'!" Jacob said. "Since when have you talked so... normal." Gavin spoke. "I know right. He has been acting like this and he won't tell me why. I feel like you guys are hiding something from me" Pablo said. Gavin and Jacob shook their heads in disagreement. A kid named Carter, which we all hated and was a bully, came up to us and snatched a bowl of fries. "Hey I was going to e..." Carter punched Jacob and told him to shut up. Gavin stared at him. Carter noticed he had a nosebleed. Then he felt dizzy. Gavin commanded him to bring back the fries or he would die. Carter walked back and placed the fries on Jacob's plate. Gavin telepathically commanded Carter to stand on roof and jump off at recess. He walked away and sat down, not knowing what he was going to do. Pablo looked at Gavin, then at Jacob. "That was some freaky shit right there!" Pablo said. "I can't take it anymore! Pablo I have superpowers. IF you tell anyone, you will share Carter's fate. Im not trying to be rude, but anyone caught with superpowers is to be exterminated immediately!" Gavin spoke. "I understa.... YOU HAVE SUPERPO.." Gavin put his hand in a choking position, far away from Pablo's neck but still choking him. Pablo gagged. His head turned blue. "stop it!" Jacob screamed. Gavin released Pablo and he gasped for air. "Sicko!" Pablo said as he grabbed his tray to dump it and leave for recess. Gavin and Jacob did the same. "That was hilarious" Jacob said. "I know" Gavin spoke. "But the fun is just about to begin. when you get outside, look at the roof for something amazing." Jacob smiled at him and ran off to recess. When he got there, he was expecting Carter to pop out of nowhere and punch him. He looked at the roof, just like Gavin told him to. IT WAS CARTER! He was pretending to throw himself off and die. "HELLO PEOPLES! ARE YOU READY TO SEE SOMETHING AMAZING. I WILL SURVIVE THIS FALL RIGHT HERE!" Carter spoke. He kicked out one leg, balancing on the other. With one steady jump. he fell. The teachers were coming to break his fall, but it was too late. Carter had splat on the floor. There was blood everywhere and the teachers advised everyone to get back inside and go into the commons for sit and talk. Gavin was already there because he knew what was about to happen. Jacob walked up to him in an excited emotion. "THAT WAS AMAZING!" Jacob said. "Sorry, I couldn't take anymore of his crap. He was taunting us for way too long, and now he payed the price." Gavin spoke like if he was a loose convict of homicide or something. 

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