The Ravi Chronicles

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - The Discovery

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The Ravi Chronicles

Chapter 7: The Discovery

Tuscon, Arizona

May, 2006


After Maddox was sound asleep, Belladonna and Ravi got out of bed. Dressing silently in the dark bedroom, the two sister then went downstairs, into the kitchen. They were discussing the unknown scent that was around Maddox's home.

Belladonna asked her, “Why did you decide to contact me on this matter?”

Ravi shrugged, “Because you've always been wise compared to most of our other sisters, Belly. I thought, if anyone could figure out what it was, it would be you.”

“I'm flattered, sister, but I think you would have been better off asking one of our more 'feral' sisters,” Belladonna said.

“I don't know how I would get a hold of them,” Ravi admitted, “They don't have phones in the wild.”

Belladonna shook her head, “How many times do I have to beseech you? Embrace magic, my sister, and your powers will be nearly unequaled in our world.”

“I don't like magic, Belly. I'm horrible at it. You know this.”

Belladonna laughed, “It amazes me how little you've changed over the millennia.”

Ravi smiled, “I thought about looking for Ludwina, but she stays deep in the forests of Sweden. How would we find her?”

Belladonna nodded thoughtfully, “Ludwina is a good choice. She has traveled the wilds of Scandinavia and explored Russia and Siberia. If anyone might be able to help us, it's her. I will call upon her first to see where she is.”

Belladonna began to remove the salt shakers, the center piece and other items from Maddox's kitchen table.

“What are you doing?” Ravi asked her.

“I'm going to use magic to speak to Ludwina. I need to make room on this table. Help me.”

Belladonna explained that she would be using a ritual to summon a portal between them and where ever Ludwina was. Ludwina would not only be able to see them, but she could step through the portal and instantly be transported to them.

After the table was clear, Belladonna placed a few dried herbs and salt on the table, forming odd groups of evenly spaced symbols that were foreign to Ravi. Then she made a large circle with the salt and drew an eye in the center. Belladonna seated herself before the table and closed her eyes, murmuring an incantation.

The air above the table wavered as if a large globe of clear water was slowly forming.

Ravi watched in fascination.

Gradually, a picture was forming in the air over the table within the the shimmering and wavering globe. It was like watching an oblong television. Ravi could see trees, partially snowy drifts and a gray overcast sky. She saw a lovely woman enter the picture, a curious look on her face.

Ravi said happily, “Look, Belly! It's Ludwina!”

Ludwina was frowning at them. Ludwina was a Huldar, another species of Coitus Demon. In her demonic form, she resembled a massive and horrible living tree beast. In her human form, Ludwina was pale as mist, with lovely light blue eyes as clear as a lagoon and she had long radiant golden hair. Since she had gone feral for so long, Ludwina was currently filthy. Twigs and grass littered her beautiful locks, her face was dirty and she was completely nude. Coming toward the magical portal, Ludwina spoke rapidly in Swedish, “Who is there? What do you want with me?”

Ravi answered her in English, “It's me, Wina, your sister, Ravi.”

Ludwina's suspicious expression warmed immediately and she responded in English, “Ravisha?”

“Yes, dear sister. Belly is here too.”

“Hi, Ludwina!” Belladonna said happily.

Ludwina got closer to the strange globe that resembled a TV screen and got a good look at her sisters, smiling broadly, “It's been so long since I have seen either of you.”

“Too long,” Ravi said.

Ludwina sat down on a fallen log. The TV screen followed her, as if an invisible cameraman was controlling it. Seated in the middle of the log, with the snowy landscape behind her, Ludwina looked like the legendary Snow Queen, “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“We need to bring you here to identify an unknown species for us,” Belladonna said.

Ravi looked at Belladonna, surprised at her bold admission. Ludwina disliked cities and areas with large populations of people. She preferred to stay in the wild, feeding upon farmers, hunters and loggers by visiting their dreams from afar. Leaving the forest was not something Ludwina would normally do.

“Where is here?” Ludwina asked, her curiosity was peaked.

“Tuscon, Arizona in the United States,” Ravi told her.

Ludwina scoffed, “I won't leave the lovely woodlands to visit a nest of concrete and asphalt, sister. I am deeply sorry.”

Ravi was crestfallen.

Belladonna piped up, “It will only take a few minutes, Wina. I can have you back in your lovely forest before you even realized you've left it, my dear sister.”

Ludwina scratched her head, thinking. She sighed. Then she said, “If I am to do this, I'll need to borrow a vessel from one of you. I'm famished.”

Belladonna looked at Ravi.

Ravi was horrified. She didn't like to share her lovers under normal circumstances and she had become particularly fond of Maddox. An idea popped into her head, “Do you have a preference, Ludwina?”

Ludwina made a motion of her hands to address her own disheveled appearance, “Does it look that way to you, Ravisha?”

Ravi laughed, “Then I have just the person for you.”


* * *


Maddox dreamed.

His dream was like every other, his surroundings were sort of out of focus, not really aware of how he was moving, not conscious of whether he was standing or merely floating. Maddox found himself inside his own home, the sun was shining brightly though the windows and Maddox could feel the warmth of the rays on his face. The house was decorated as it had been when his wife, Joanne still lived with him, which came as a surprise.

Maddox turned and watched his wife Joanne cleaning house as she always had. Maddox tried to communicate with her, calling out her name and trying to touch her, but she couldn't hear him or see him. His hand passed right through her arm as if the dream Joanne was merely a hologram.

Since he suddenly became aware that he was dreaming, Maddox took the opportunity to look around, marveling at all the décor that was no longer in his home. The pictures of their wedding were still on the wall. A cheap but lovely multicolored glass vase, that Maddox had bought for Joanne during vacation, was upon the mantle. The throw rug, which perfectly matched the living room but was a constant source of tripping for Maddox, was in the center of the room.

Maddox was a silent witness to his wife vacuuming the living room, to see their son Kenny suddenly burst in screaming about seeing himself. His wife, Joanne, held their son close, shocked at how frightened Kenny was. Maddox could see that Kenny was visibly shaking.

Joanne was trying to calm him, stroking Kenny's hair and his back, telling him that he probably just made a mistake, but Kenny was adamant.

“It was me, Mommy! It was me that I saw!”

Joanne squeezed him tighter, Kenny was nearly hysterical with fear. Joanne told him gently, “I don't what you saw, baby, but you're fine now. I have you. No one is going to hurt you.”

Kenny sobbed.

“How about a nice warm glass of milk?” Joanne cooed, kissing the top of his head, “How does that sound?”

Kenny just cried.

Maddox was deeply touched by how affection Joanne was with Kenny. He had forgotten how Kenny ran to her any time he was hurt or scared as though she was his bastion of defense. Joanne would patiently and lovingly hold him and kiss away his fears. Tears fell from Maddox's eyes as he watched both of the most loved people that were no longer a part of his life.

Joanne slowly stood up, holding her son's hand. She turned toward the kitchen but something caught her eye. She slowly turned.

Maddox realized that his dream had gone into slow motion. Everything was happening at about half the speed it normally would. The air of the house had changed. Instead of warmth, he now felt an icy cold on the surface of his skin.

Joanne looked up through the back window in the living room and cried out in fear. Her face twisted into a mask of terror as she stared at something that made her knees buckle.

Maddox turned to see what she was staring at.

It was another Kenny, peeking in through the back window, with an odd grin on his face.

It couldn't be the real Kenny. His son was holding his mother's hand standing beside Joanne. Maddox's heart almost leaped right out of his chest. Even in his dream, he felt his skin tingling with goosebumps of horror.

Joanne looked down at the version of her son who was holding her hand then back up at the Kenny who was peeking in through the window with a creepy grin on his face. The outside Kenny ducked down and out of sight. The real Kenny never saw him.

“What's wrong, Mommy?” Kenny asked her.

Joanne's voice wavered, “Nothing, baby.”

Maddox went to the back window and looked outside. There was no sign of the other Kenny.

Joanne took Kenny into the kitchen cautiously, as if she was afraid that the other Kenny would try to come into the house. She was looking everywhere, out every window, watchful for the odd impersonator.

Maddox followed her into the kitchen but then felt himself waking up.

He wanted to go outside, he wanted to find the other Kenny and figure out what the hell was going on. Maddox couldn't control the dream enough to do anything else but watch.

He woke up in a tangle of sheets.

Both the Succubi were gone. He was alone in his room.

Maddox wept quietly as he did every time he dreamed about his dead son. Even now, so many years later, he was still just as wounded as the day his son was found drowned in their swimming pool. Maddox had thought about filling it in, destroying the body of water that had taken the life of his son, but never got around to do it. Instead, he had blamed his wife, Joanne for not keeping a closer eye on Kenny.

Maddox grew angry thinking about his dream. Joanne had made an outlandish statement to the police and subsequently at the trial that followed. She claimed that she saw two of Kenny and that the strange one wanted to hurt the real Kenny. Joanne blamed the other for her son's death, even to this day.

Maddox wondered why he had dreamed about it.


* * *


“I need a favor, Jim,” Ravi said.

It was early in the morning, the sun was bright and three of the most beautiful women Jim Fargas had ever seen, were on his porch.

Jim gaped at them, curious as to what the favor might be. He had just finished his coffee and breakfast, needed to work on his pickup but only a fool would turn away such lovelies. Jim invited them inside his home without question.

“What can I do for you?” Jim asked nervously. All three women were staring at him as if he were the most juicy piece of steak, a perfectly cooked Filet Mignon. Jim was so self conscious that he almost tripped over the comfort chair in the living room.

One of the women, a tall pale blonde with an angelic face, looked like she was only wearing a man's jacket. Her legs and feet were bare.

The other blonde with Ravi, was just as buxom and a little shorter than Ravi was. Her skin was perfectly tanned but still fair and she was wearing light blue string bikini under a scant wrap and had sandals on her feet. Out of the three, Ravi was dressed the most conservatively, in red shorts and a tiny red tank top.

“Our friend requires nourishment,” The strawberry blonde said.

Jim was confused but willing to provide. He said, “I can fix her some breakfast. That would be no problem. Just give me a few minutes to whip something up.”

Ravi held up her hand, “It's not that type of nourishment, Jim. She needs to have sex and the first person I thought of, was you.”

Jim's mind was a jumble of thoughts. Why would they refer to sex as nourishment? How could they expect him to just indiscriminately have sex with a stranger he had just met? Jim stared at the women and realized they were referring to the woman who looked nude under the man's jacket.

The tall blonde was staring at him and Jim felt his resistances and doubts melting away.

She had just showered, her hair was still damp. The tall blonde's eyes were the color of the sky, light and clear, penetrating. “My name is Ludwina,” She told him.

Jim stared at her, unable to answer her. He felt his desire rising again, the way it had with Ravi, butterflies of excitement fluttering in his belly and loins. For the longest time, Jim had believed that he would never find another woman to love him or desire him. The intense look of lusty hunger that was on Ludwina's face, caused Jim's knees to feel weak.

Grasping his hand, Ludwina led Jim to his bedroom. Her touch sent a delicious shiver through his entire body. He allowed himself to be pulled along as Ludwina let the jacket fall from her shoulders. She was, indeed, nude beneath it. Jim devoured her shapely body with his eyes, shocked at how perfectly built Ludwina was. These three women were too beautiful to be human. What could they be? Angels? Demons? Faeries?

Ludwina whispered, “I need your help, Jim.”

Jim swallowed, his mouth was dry with nervousness, “What do you need?”

“I need release. I need you to take me, claim me as your own, ravish me until I can achieve sweet rapture.”

Ludwina's words made Jim's ears ring. He was lightheaded, feeling as though his feet were no longer grounded, but floating just above the floor. He was hot, burning with an excited passion that he had not experienced since he was a young man, disrobing his wife for the first time and seeing her naked beauty. He was painfully erect, his manhood strained against his trousers.

Ludwina led him into the bedroom and closed the door behind them. She systematically undressed Jim, using her mouth all over his body, getting him to the very edge of losing his mind. Jim wanted to take control, scoop her up and throw her on the bed and ravish her, but Ludwina was masterful at maintaining command.

Everything else faded from Jim's mind, every thought, every worry. There was nothing else that mattered to him, except Ludwina. Even Ravi and her friend, who he had rudely left on their own in the living room, mattered nothing to Jim. The world around him seemed to drift away, as if swallowed up by a dark tunnel, so that a tiny speck of light remained. Only Ludwina's perfection, her loveliness and her need for release was before him.

Ludwina managed to draw two massive orgasms from Jim, back to back, which was something he had never been capable of before. He always grew too weary to keep going after he climaxed, needed a long rest before trying anything a second time. Ludwina had awakened a desire within Jim that had been asleep, tucked away deep inside himself. She had alighted the flame of yearning in Jim, a need for sexual companionship, a lust for the affections and attentions of a woman.

Jim fell asleep directly after his second orgasm, collapsing on the bed, completely spent.


* * *


Maddox came downstairs to an empty house. Where in the hell had the two sisters gone?

He smelled bacon and found a plate of eggs, buttered toast, with a side of bacon waiting for him in the microwave. Maddox's mouth watered and he warmed it up. He was going to sit down at the kitchen table to enjoy his breakfast, except that it was covered with herbs and symbols drawn with salt.

What in the hell?

Maddox ate his meal in the living room.

It was his day off and he had hoped to spend time with Ravi, taking her out to enjoy the lovely city of Tuscon. Instead, he found himself alone, a strange feeling of jealousy that Ravi was spending time with her sister and not him. Maddox knew he was being foolish, but he couldn't help how he felt.

Maddox was also deeply bothered by the nightmare.

Was the scene that played out in his dream a real occurrence? When his wife had insisted, even as they sent her to a mental health facility over her emotional breakdown, that their son had been murdered by a twin, had she been telling the truth all along?

Maddox told himself no. It was only a nightmare. No doubt it had been influenced by Joanne's outlandish claims. He was allowing himself to be drawn in to her delusions. Instead of taking responsibility for the death of their son, Joanne had created an alternative false scenario in her mind, so that she could blame Kenny's death on it.

At the time of Kenny's death, Maddox was already distraught over the tragedy. Joanne's insistence of foul play had sent him over the edge. For the first time since he met her, Maddox began to resent Joanne. Just being in the same room with her was enough to enrage him. Their marriage quickly crumbled and, after she had been court ordered to attend the mental institution, Maddox had removed all of her possessions from his house. Her family came to pick the things up. Maddox wanted nothing to do with Joanne after that.

Of course he still missed her. Before the tragedy, their marriage had been good, filled with affection, respect for one another and love. Kenny's arrival in their lives had been the icing on the cake. Maddox longed for those days with Joanne to return, but not until Joanne could at least admit her guilt. Even if not directly responsible for their son's death, she could at least assume some of the blame rather than refusing it outright. Maddox could not be with Joanne while she stubbornly maintained her state of denial.

Maddox heard the front door opening. Ravi and Belladonna were home but they weren't alone. Trailing along behind them was a stunningly beautiful pale blonde woman that Maddox automatically recognized as another Succubus. The newcomer was tall and graceful even though she was dressed in a man's over sized clothing.

“I'm glad you're awake, Maddox,” Ravi said.

“Me too. Who's your friend?”

Ravi introduced her as Ludwina. She then took Maddox's hands in hers. “You may want to have a seat,” Ravi told him, “I have something very important to tell you and it can't wait any longer.”

Maddox allowed her to guide him over to the couch, “Why? What's this all about?”

Ravi sighed, “The reason I invited my sisters over was to identify a strange scent that I couldn't.”

Before Maddox could respond, Ludwina asked, “Why are you involving a mortal into our conversation, my sister?”

Ravi said, “Because this is his home. He has a right to know what's going on.”

Ludwina looked a Belladonna for support, but Belladonna just shrugged, “Ravi always gets too involved with humans, Wina. She always has. You won't be able to change her mind.”

Ludwina was speaking frankly, without any malice or hatred, “Humans are vessels of sustenance, Ravisha, nothing more. You are wasting your time concerning yourself with their problems.”

“I disagree,” Ravi told her, “I think that human strife should concern our species as well, since we are reliant on them for survival.”

Belladonna butt in, “We've had this discussion a hundred times, sisters. We will never agree with how you think, Ravisha. Since you already involved, Mr. Maddox, you might as well finish informing him.”

Maddox was growing impatient. He didn't like being referred to as a vessel. Although the Demon's discussion were not meant to be condescending, he felt offended, as though he was a lower life form compared to the timeless Demons. Even though it was most likely true, Maddox didn't like having his nose rubbed into it. If Ravi wanted to help humans, why shouldn't she? What business of it was it to her sister Succubi what she did with her time? “Inform me of what, exactly?”

Ravi took his hands in hers again, “There was a supernatural here, around your house. Ludwina has identified it as a Simule.”

Maddox was intrigued but he still wasn't sure how this was related to him. Since he had already encountered Succubi and a Vampire, his belief in the supernatural world was pretty solid. Maddox trusted that Ravi had a good reason for telling him, so he decided to listen, “What, exactly, is a Simule?”

Ludwina spoke up, “It is a creature that is from the Caribbean area. It's name is French and the translation means fake or simulated. This creature is so rare, that I have only encountered it one other time in my travels and neither of my sisters never have. It lives in the ocean and comes out on land to mingle with humans so that it can prey on them.”

“It drains their life force, Maddox,” Ravi continued, “It will go after weaker humans, usually the elderly or children.”

Maddox was speechless. Were they saying that this Simule was responsible for Kenny's death?

Ravi wasn't finished, “I didn't recognize the scent because I have never encountered one before. It's scent trail is all around your home. I think it was stalking someone in your family.”

Belladonna had remained quiet the entire time but now she spoke up, “Do you understand what my sisters are trying to tell you, Mr. Maddox?”

Maddox stood up and went over to the front window, looking out at the street. It was a beautiful day outside but the conversation was dulling the beauty of his world, penetrating the sanctity of his private life. Of all the dark things, that no doubt stalked the surface of the planet, what were the odds that one of these supernaturals just happened to go after his son? Kenny never hurt a fly. His son was innocent of any sins or trespasses. Yet this filthy Simule had chosen Kenny as its prey? Nothing about this made any sense. Maddox was having a hard time accepting it as truth.

The Succubi had quieted down, giving Maddox time to process the situation but Ludwina, apparently, was either ignorant of his feelings or didn't care. She said, “The Simule stalks its prey by first assuming its identity. At this point, the Simule is a perfect replica of the person it is hunting. It will then continue to scare and harass the victim until the opportunity arises for it to kill. Once it's prey is dead--.”

Ravi interrupted her, “We think that the Simule was responsible for Kenny's death, Maddox.”

Maddox was stunned at what Ludwina had said. The Simule appears as a perfect replica of its prey?

Maddox sat down, his legs had grown too weak to support his weight. All the memories of those dark days back when Kenny was killed came flooding back into his mind like an avalanche. He also remembered the awful nightmare he just had last night. He remembered Joanne's pathetic insistence that she had seen a perfect twin of Kenny around the house just prior to their son's death.

Maddox broke down, sobbing. He felt terrible for not listening to Joanne. The revelation of the Simule had forced him to realize that he had unjustly blamed his wife for Kenny's death. He couldn't imagine how badly poor Joanne suffered because he had abandoned her, refusing to listen to her pleas. Joanne had not only lost her son, but her husband as well. The Simule had wronged them much more than just killing Kenny. It had ruined his and Joanne's lives.

Ravi sat down next to him, holding him close.

Neither of the other two Succubi seemed interested or bothered by Maddox's pain. Ludwina said, “You promised to have me back home as soon as possible, Belly.”

“I did,” Belladonna admitted, “Let's get us both home, sister.”


* * *


For some reason, Ravi felt responsible for bringing bad karma into Maddox's life. She did this quite regularly, blaming herself for the suffering of humans, taking on a burden that, more often than not, had nothing to do with her. Ravi supposed it was part of her self-loathing and destructive nature.

Belladonna and Ludwina were gone, first Ludwina, sent back to her cold, brooding forest and then Belladonna had gone home to her lovely city in Spain. Ravi was alone with Maddox and, for the first time, she felt out of place, as if her presence was more of a bother rather than helpful.

Maddox was still shaking with sobs. The pain of losing both his son and his wife had resurfaced, still just as fresh and devastating as though it had just occurred. Ravi did her best to comfort him, although she wasn't sure if she was actually helping.

After twenty minutes, Maddox had gone quiet, his head was still low, his mind was no doubt still working out the painful details of what he had just been told. Ravi fetched him tissues, helped him blow his nose and wiped away his tears.

“How are you feeling?” Ravi asked him.

“I'm fucking pissed.”

“I don't blame you,” Ravi said.

Maddox looked at her, “You picked up the scent of this creature, so now you can track it, right?”

Ravi felt awful but she had to tell him the truth. She knew that he wanted vengeance against the creature that had ruined his life but it might not be possible to track it down so easily. Ravi told him, “Listen Maddox. The scent that is around your house is very old. The creature hasn't been around your house since it took the life of your son. Tracking it down from here is going to nearly impossible. I'm sorry.”

Maddox stood up, “That's okay. There are other ways to hunt down this fucking thing.”

Ravi was interested, “How?”

“I'm an investigator, Ravi. It's what I do best. I was able to track you down and stayed on your trail for weeks before you caught me.”

Ravi didn't like being reminded that Maddox had stalked her but she nodded and said, “That's true.”

“I'll start using the resources at work to look up other cases like this one. I'll find that son of a bitch and kill it,” Maddox said, his tone was as cold as ice.

Ravi could tell that Maddox wasn't going to be dissuaded from pursuing the dangerous Simule. Her only alternative was to offer her assistance, “I'll help you in any way I can, Maddox.”

“No,” Maddox said, “I need to do this myself.”

Ravi reasoned with him, “Maddox, this creature is extremely dangerous. It's very elusive and we're not even sure if it can be killed. It can take the shape of any other person and mimic them perfectly. If you go after it by yourself, you're going to get yourself killed.”

“I don't care,” Maddox said stubbornly, “Ill never find peace as long as that thing is out there, doing the same thing to other unsuspecting families.”

“And how is getting killed going to help anyone else?” Ravi wanted to know.

“I'll just have to make sure that I kill it before it gets me.”

“Let me help you, Maddox.”

Maddox shook his head, “You've already got your hands full with the Vampire, or have you forgotten about Francesca?”

“She's not a concern of mine,” Ravi said, “She never has been. She's not a threat to me. The only reason I've even bothered dealing with her is because she's a threat to you.”

“All you have to do is leave the city,” Maddox said angrily, “Then she wouldn't be a threat to anyone. This entire fight was started because you wouldn't leave.”

Ravi glared at him, “Oh, so this is all my fault? Do you really believe that my departure is going to stop Francesca from preying on humans? Do you actually believe a Vampire isn't a threat to other families, just like the Simule is?”

Maddox sat down. He was quiet for a few minutes then he said, “I'm sorry. You're right. I shouldn't blame you. I'm just so Goddamn pissed off right now, I can't think straight.”

Ravi went over and sat next to him, “It's okay, Maddox. I've grown very fond of you. I want to help you in anyway I can. As I see it, there are two things in your life that need to go away before you can be happy and one of them is the Vampire. The other is the Simule and I can help you get rid of both.”

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