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Emotions are so confusing.

Submitted: February 20, 2018

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Submitted: February 20, 2018



Your smile makes the world bright

When I see your face it all turns right

Like the only flame in the night

Drawing moths to the light.


I try to fight and break the bonds

But the pain brings out a moan beyond

While I try not to groan in a tone

Someone is near with a heart of stone.


The devil himself wants to play 

There is a price he has to pay

He'll soon be slain for love's way

For taking all my loved ones away.


You must stand in place

Silky smooth just like lace

It does not require of your grace

Even though you have an ugly face.


I will now take a stand

To get back to the land

No one shall lend a hand

For I have all control in my plan.


I will put you myself in the ditch

You whine like a little bitch

The sound of your laugh is like a witch

After I'm finished you'll need a hitch.


For I am here to stay.

© Copyright 2018 Devilcoco101. All rights reserved.

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