Rumor spread

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Find out what happens when a rumor spread and what it might be.

Submitted: February 20, 2018

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Submitted: February 20, 2018



It was an normal day in sim high school, a teen named vince was talking to his friends joking about how vince would shoot up the school it was in a joking manner but that's not what the kid going by the table throwing his lunch away he then normal walked back to his table.The sound of the bell rang, students quickly went to their classroom except the kid that overheard vince say he was supposedly going to shoot up the school.He went to find the principle when he found her he went up told her he needed to tell her something.He whispered something to her and walked back to his classroom.The principle then walked to the police officer and told him he then radio in to the dispatcher.Police officers came from the millions came in all armed with their pistol they then followed the police at the school to the classroom the supposed shooter. They then burst through the door interrupting the classroom surprising everyone the police that patrols the schools walked in scanning the room for vince when he saw him he pointed in his direction and the police wrestled him to the ground,”what I do,”said vince as he was wrestled to the ground they cuffed him and walked him out the front door of the school and put him in their cruiser while all the while vince was wondering why he was going to jail.the next day he was being taken to court to have his trail. At this trail he was found guilty because of two reason his friends that came said they did hear him say it.Some friends vince thought as he was at the trail and the other reason was due to vince actually owning two guns he got from his uncle.He was sentenced 3yrs in prison all for joking around and not paying attention to what he said,don’t joke about serious stuff.THE END

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