A collection of short stories, mostly about the U.S. socio-political landscape before the 2016 election

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DEDICATION? Tradition dictates that each book bear its dedication. The times and these tales’ subject matter demand a malediction. ... Read Chapter


FOREWORD In late 2015, Ernest DeSchoening, a.k.a. “Ikhlas Faruk”, declared his writing career at a close, his espousal of Islam r... Read Chapter

The Samaritan

THE SAMARITAN, 2016 by Jon Grena (formerly Ernest DeSchoening) “If you be not trustworthy in small things, Your Father shall not tr... Read Chapter

Onion Rinpoche

ONION RINPOCHE by Jon Grena PRELIMINARY In a pivotal scene from the movie “Angel Heart,” DeNiro’s character Louis Sifer compare... Read Chapter

Lake Bled

LAKE BLED* * For geographically-challenged Millennials, Lake Bled is a picturesque body of water in northwest Slovenia. (That’s a c... Read Chapter

More Than Magnificent

MORE THAN MAGNIFICENT AUTHOR’S NOTE: The anecdote about King Lajos and the purse of gold he rode into battle with is true. The othe... Read Chapter

The Queen Wept

THE QUEEN WEPT My aides in the State Department were, most of them, career diplomats. It was their responsibility, not mine, to overs... Read Chapter

Our Supremely Enlightened Monarch

OUR SUPREMELY ENLIGHTENED MONARCH President Obama signed an executive order Monday barring federal contractors from discriminating on... Read Chapter


MultiK.u.K.ulti “The greater the diversity, the greater the perfection.” ----Thomas Berry I. He was old and long the rule... Read Chapter

Masshu' Janos

MASSUH’ JANOS (AUTHORS NOTE: To be strictly accurate, Michelle Obama did not say the entire United States was built by slaves. She ... Read Chapter

Perfect Pitch

PERFECT PITCH It’s a long dry stretch, driving from Great Falls to Lewistown. Ninety-four miles and my place, the Geyser Mist, the ... Read Chapter

"Why That Li'l Rascal!"

WHY THAT LITTLE RASCAL! A National Tragedy In One Unforgivable Act (NOTE: The following is a production without scenes. In the ongoin... Read Chapter

Second Thoughts

SECOND THOUGHTS A row of flat, raised stones flanks the footpath, separating it from the lotus-dotted pool that runs alongside. Movem... Read Chapter

Cat on Mat

CAT ON MAT They say holding cells are much the same everywhere. And where is Sansy-Mum? I do not know. I do not know where my Sansy-M... Read Chapter

Genocide Between the Goalposts

GENOCIDE BETWEEN THE GOALPOSTS The furor that raged in 2032 was as a gentle breeze compared with the tempest that broke four years la... Read Chapter

The Crossing

THE CROSSING Even with the street dark like it is, I can make out Sergeant Jefferson leaning way over to open the passenger-side door... Read Chapter

End Game

END GAME AUTHOR’S NOTE: The right-wing slant of most of this volume’s stories makes the following caveat advisable. This writer d... Read Chapter

Mirror Cleansed

MIRROR CLEANSED Liu Da Zhuang had come late to the Dharma. Very nearly too late. Come late but arrived with a will. This fact sat for... Read Chapter

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