Making Love In My Mind

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Making Love In My Mind
I want to rub my fingers lightly up and down her spine
Just the thought of her brings warm thoughts in my mind
I picture her standing slightly still in front of me
As her long hair flows over her shoulders liberally
Her black boots ride up her legs above her knees
She knows with one look how to make me please
I squint to look deep inside her enchanting eyes
I see deep inside her heart where her love resides
I would like to take my tounge and lick her head to toe
Explore every inch of her where only miners go
She could have me come to her with just one single word
Her swaying body says things that I have never heard
As she gets closer my heart beat begins to slowly rise
As the air is filled with the sound of moaning cries
I close my eyes and I can see how that it could be
If her love could be more than a mere nightly fantasy

Submitted: February 21, 2018

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