The Revengers

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Having to constantly deal with the threat of bullies, five seventh-graders come together and take matters into their own hands. Since their Principal and other adults have been failing to properly
punish bullies, one of the five friends, James, influences his four friends to follow the retaliatory methods of a book he has mastered. Will all five friends have what it takes to physically solve
the school's bullying problem? Or will this attempt to fight back lead to more severe consequences?

Submitted: February 21, 2018

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Submitted: February 21, 2018



The Revengers

"I told y'all to cut it out! Stop it!"

James, a seventh-grader at Henderson Middle School, is being picked on again by three of the multiple bullies that have been roaming around the school. This time, the three bullies are terrorizing James for always being seen reading. So, as punishment, the bullies are savagely ramming James against multiple lockers.

"You think you better than us boy?" says Clay, the tallest of the group of bullies. "Always havin' a nerdy book in your hands. Books ain't gonna teach you shit boy!"

"Correction," answers James, who is also a quirky smart-ass, "you should've said that books are not going to teach me. Gonna is not a word and nobody can literally teach shit."

"Oh!" says Adam, the ruthless leader of the bullies, who instantly knees James hard against his stomach. "Looks like we got a smart-ass on our hands. Let's really show em' how pain feels boys!"

Before they get the chance to punish James, a teacher, of whom James does not recognize, breaks up the bullies from causing any more damage.

"This ain't over boy!" screams Adam as the teacher shoves them away from James. "You just wait and see! We gonna get you! We gonna get each and every one of y'all nerds!"


Once again, James isn't alone in the principal's office. Alongside James are four of his friends who, ironically, are commonly bullied as well. Casey, a long-haired and care-free boy who is picked on for being gay, continuously spins around his chair as if he doesn't have a care in the world. Gail, who is picked on for being the smartest girl in the school, sits as still as a rock while waiting for whatever Principal Mack has to say. Butter, a rough-lookin' girl who gets picked on for always looking anti-social, sits with her arms crossed while giving Principal Mack a pissed-off look. Lastly, Shade, a large-lookin' boy that gets picked on for being and acting too soft, struggles to stay awake since he didn't feel like having another informal meeting with the principal.

"I know and I get it," says Principal Mack, "this is getting old and I agree. Although the five of y'all are commonly getting bullied around this school, y'all are not alone and this school will have zero tolerance for such behavior."

"Stop right there," interrupts a salty Butter, "let me guess: you're gonna suspend the bullies who thrashed us today, right?"


"Oh give me a break!" laughs Casey. "That's what you've done the last, what, seven times we came in here? And all they've done is come back just to kick our sweet asses again? I'm tender and plump, you know that Mr. Big Mack?"

"Actually," says James, who cuts off Principal Mack before he gets the chance to respond, "the past nine times my friend. Nine times! Nine times! Nine times!"

"Yet," says Shade, who also cuts off Principal Mack, "these bullies still attack us and all the other poor kids who just simply wanna come to school to learn and have fun. What good is suspending bullies for three days gonna do besides giving them the freedom to concoct new ways to punish us good kids?"

"I hate to interrupt," says Gail right before Principal Mack got the chance to finally answer, "but, according to my information, suspending kids only triggers more aggressive hostility for bullies, especially if it's due to inflicting any form of violence upon another human being."

"...I see..." says Principal Mack slowly just to make sure that he doesn’t get interrupted again, "however, it's the best that we can do. If it helps, their parents or guardians are too informed about their behavior and I'm sure-"

"I hate to interrupt again," says James, "but how come we aren't allowed to at least throw a punch or retaliate? Why can't we just do this without having to risk instant suspension?"

"Because that's the rules James and you know it," answers Principal Mack, "and, as y'all know, the best way to stop a bully is to either calmly talk to the bully to at least try to stop a violent act from happening upon you or to get the attention of another teacher or adult."

"What bullshit!" blurts Butter as she gets up from her seat.

"Same here girlfriend!" smiles Casey as he too gets up. "So, I'm supposed to have some other guy put their fine hands on me and beat me to a pulp without throwing a punch? Minus well cut my arms off and say 'here I am! Come get me!'"

"Now hold on a second," stutters Principal Mack.

"I'm sorry Principal," says James as all of them get up to leave the office, "but this isn't gonna work. Thanks for your time...I guess...but we'll just be headed back to class now."


Just as the five friends predicted, the bullies' suspensions didn't solve the continuing problem of being bullied. Between the five of them, they had to deal with twenty different bullies from time to time. Even when they aren't being bullied, they see other students who receive the brunt end of the torture as well.

"This shit is getting' old now and needs to stop!" says Butter while the five friends walk their way back home from school.

"I couldn't agree more," says a defeated Gail, "but apparently no one is gonna do anything about it."

"Oh well," says Shade carelessly, "we can always try emailing the President of the United States..."

"Don't make me laugh," laughs Casey as he nearly chokes on his gummy bears, "the only thing he makin' great again are the Russians...anyways, whatcha been readin' there James? You've been glued to that book for weeks now."

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," says James while he continues to read without taking his eyes off the book. "Maybe a solution to our little big problem..."

"Little big problem?" says Shade with a raised-eyebrow as he quickly swipes the book away from James. "Let's see what we got here...Superheroes Are Real: Master Tensai's Ultimate Guide to Fighting Back with Stealth, Speed, and Power. James, are you serious bro?"

"The book is serious," answers James as he swipes the book back quickly without anyone seeing him do so. "You know I'm never serious about anything. And, my name is James, not this 'serious bro' person you called me."

"I call bullshit!" exclaims Butter.

"Is that the only word you know how to say?" jokes Casey. "It's always 'bullshit' this and 'bullshit' that! I swear you must love eating real bullshit if I didn't know any better."

"Anyways," says James before things go off-topic, "I can prove it. Well, kinda, but it's worth a shot!"

"How can it be worth a shot?" says Gail. "You mean to tell us you haven't exactly experimented with any of the tactics you read from it?"

"I have with the small ones," smiles James, "but not with the big ones. They seem kinda dangerous, but I would love to do it since y'all are here. I at least have some folks to help me to the doctor if things go wrong."

"If things go wrong?" yells Shade as they see James quickly put down the book and stare at a forty-foot tall tree that stands about thirty yards away from them. "What are you planning on doing?"

"You will see," says James excitedly while he prepares to act as if he's going to unwisely charge the tree, "if I do this right, y'all are gonna see some serious shit."

"Are you quoting Back to the Future?" laughs Casey. "I'm wickedly sure the Doc said that before he blasted that dog to the future."

"Trust me," says James before he begins to charge at the tree, "this will be better!"

As James rushes at the tree, he awkwardly does some weird left to right movements and swivels his head in continuous up and down motions. When James gets five feet from the tree, he clamps his hands together and thrusts at the tree with all his might. Unfortunately, nothing happens and, eventually, James jumps up and down in frustration and pain.

"Mother cocker of God!" screams James as the four friends slam to the ground in laughter. "That hurt like hell! Dammit!"

"You fool!" laughs Butter, who rarely laughs. "What did you expect was gonna happen? Your dumb-ass charging at the tree like your damn Superman!"

"That's it!" says James as he realizes something. "I forgot to fully clear my mind! And I missed an important foot-step. Sorry guys, my mind was on being a super-hero, but I broke an important rule: never think about being a super-hero when performing extraordinary actions! Let's try this again!"

"Please stop James," says Gail to no avail while James prepares to do the stunt again, "you don't wanna make a fool outta yourself again. What you're trying to do is physically impossible."

"Oh really?" laughs James. "Watch this then!"

Once again, James charges at the tree the same exact way as he did the first time, at least that's how the four friends see it. This time, as soon as James thrusts at the tree, a huge loud bang is heard from the tree. Slowly but surely, the tree somehow tips down and crashes down. However, the tree crashes through some power lines and a red Mercedes-Benz that is parked to the side.

"Holy shit!" yells Casey as the friends are standing in awe at the improbable event they just witnessed. Even James is stunned at what he has just done. Yet, out of nowhere, James jumps up and down in celebration.

"I told y'all the book is serious!" yells James. I told y'all! I have the power! I have the power! Hell yeah bitches!"

"Don't get me wrong," says Gail, "what you have just done is phenomenal and utterly amazing, but I think it would be a good idea for us to scram before people see the damage that we have caused."

"Oh shit!" says James as he finally realizes the damage he has caused to the power lines and Mercedes-Benz. "Yeah...i'm in trouble! Let's get outta here and quick!"


Upon the request of his four friends, James takes his friends to the deep end of the neighborhood park and performs a few other fighting tricks and techniques that he learned from his book. After the friends are convinced that the book is legit, James thinks of an idea.

"How about I teach y'all?" says James as the other four gives James a displeased look.

"I don't know man," says Shade, "this been lookin' like some dark arts shit. I don't wanna mess with anything like this."

"Oh come on," fires back James, "your name is Shade for crying out loud! Doesn't get darker than that! Learning this will suit your name."

"Hold on a second," says Gail, "you're telling us that you've already read, or mastered, this book already?"

"Pretty much. I've read this book over thirty times now. I know the steps from head to toe. I can easily teach y'all. Think about it...we can have the ability to take matters into our own hands! We can finally fight back!"

"One problem idiot," says Butter, "we get suspended if we fight back."

"Not if nobody knows who we are..." says James slyly. "That's it! They can't suspend us if they don't know who we are! Or see us!"

"Whoa whoa whoa," laughs Casey, "let me get this straight: you want us to be some kind of new-age fighting force? Like the Avengers or the Power Rangers or Kick-Ass or whatever super-hero group you can think of?"

"Exactly!" smiles James. "We can be the heroes that we and the other troubled students need and want. We can be the ones to answer the cry, the plea, the desire to be helped and defended by those who are wicked and cruel to us all. We can be...the Revengers!"

Much to James's delight, all the friends eventually agree to form the Revengers group and learn all the techniques that James has learned from the mysterious book. Despite undergoing eight weeks of tumultuous training and embarrassing moments, such as Shade's nose getting busted open by rocks he failed to dodge and Casey accidentally getting hit by a car that he didn’t see while blindfolded, the friends eventually get the hang of every technique that the book consists of. In a matter of eight weeks, all five of the friends' senses heightened to a degree that is beyond astronomical. Most of all, infusing their new powers and techniques with the element of teamwork made the Revengers an amazingly unstoppable force.

"I'm proud of us," says James as they all sit in a circle at the same deep ends of the neighborhood playground that they have been training at, "look at us now! Together, we will be unstoppable. Hell, we are better than the Power Rangers because we don't need armor or morphers and things like that. We learned this naturally and we learned this together as a group. I think we are finally ready to take down some bullies. Gail, are our new toys ready?"

"Not only are they ready," says Gail excitedly, "but I made plenty to last us for quite a while."

"Perfect!" says James while Gail shows off the stuff she has been working on. "The little grey balls are smoke bombs. If a bully is either messing with one of us or any other kid, the only thing that one of us must do is throw one of these babies to the ground. This should cloud the air with deep smoke for ten seconds, which should be enough time to don on the tiger-looking masks and the leopard pullovers you see before your eyes. Once the smoke clears, the Revengers will be there to kick the bully's ass!"

"Awesome!" says Casey. "And I'm assuming we use the smoke bomb things again for us to take off our masks and pullovers, that way no one will know who we are, as if we were there to see the Revengers put a smackdown on them bullies."

"Exactly!" says James. "Now...let's do this!"


The next day at school, the five friends made sure to stick as close together as possible. The five of them want to make sure the Revengers reveal themselves as a whole group the first time so that the word can spread about them. Luckily, on their way to lunch, James accidentally walks ahead of the group and, out of nowhere, five random bullies push James against three lockers.

"Now what?" hisses James. "I'm not even reading a book this time...or maybe it's because I'm not reading a book...or maybe-"

"Cut the shit dweeb!" says one of the bullies.

"Dweeb?" laughs James while he gives the rest of his friends a non-verbal signal to get ready to fight. "Really? Who uses that word anymore? This isn't the 90's anymore...unless you were born in the 90's...then again, I don't know your name at all. That explains it! You must be one of them adult middle schoolers. And, technically, I need a cutting utensil to, you know, cut the shit..."

"That's enough!" says another one of the bullies as he raises James up in the air. "You talk too much! We getting tired of people like you rattin' us out! We gonna end you once and for all!"

Before the bully gets the chance to deck James, smoke instantly engulfs the air. As planned, ten seconds later, the smoke clears to reveal the five masked friends.

"What the hell is this sideshow?" says the tallest of the bullies as the rest laugh at what they thought looks ridiculous.

"We," begins James as he quickly remembers to change his voice, "we are the ones that have had enough of this here madness and terrors that you bullies have been bearing upon this school. We are here to put an end to this!"

"That's right," steps in Shade, who also quickly changes his voice, "we are your worst nightmare! Wait a second...or is it y'alls worst nightmares? Help me out here guys..."

"Y'alls worst nightmares sounds more vicious," says Casey, "makes us sound real badass, even though I wish we had a bit more weapons to play with-"

"It doesn't matter!" interrupts the tall bully as the bullies begin to assault the five friends. "Let's get this over with guys! Get em'!"

To the bullies and the bystanders' surprise, the battle barely lasts a minute. Without being touched, the five friends only had to do two moves each upon the bullies before the bullies fell to the ground knocked out. Gail quickly ties up the bullies and leaves them sitting in the middle of the hallway.

"This is a freaken message to every bully out there," yells Butter, "if you mess with anyone, we will be here to seek vengeance upon y'all!"

"So," steps in Gail, "right here, right now, let it be known that we, the Revengers, will put an end to bullying-"

"Permanently!" says James viciously right before he releases another smoke bomb that doesn’t go off. After an awkward couple of seconds, he releases another bomb that works this time. Ten seconds later, the five friends are back to nearly the same positions as they were before they masked themselves while acting as if they too were just common student bystanders.

"That was awesome!" says a student loudly as the entire student body let out a huge cheer over what they just seen. In typical fashion, one teacher finally sees the commotion in the hallway and sees the five bullies tied up.  

"What the blazes happened here?" says the teacher with a confused, but satisfied, smile.

"You should've seen it!" says James. "They were amazing! Those five bullies were about to put a beatdown on me right before five masked people came from some kind of thick smoke and beat the living crap outta them bullies! I wish I knew where they went but they disappeared within the smoke again! They called themselves the...the..."

"The Revengers!" screams most of the students as they once again let out a huge roar.


Despite the Revengers' warning, the bullies around the school continue to terrorize the school. However, on each occasion, the Revengers were there on time to take the bullies down. Thanks to one of Gail's other inventions, the five friends are alerted via their watches whenever Gail's cameras predicts a possible bullying conflict is about to occur. Based on the situation overall, not every Revenger had to be on the scene to take down the bullies. One revenger can usually take out three bullies at once in the recommended fifty-second timeframe that Gail believes will be best to successfully complete a mission without having to be seen or caught by an adult. Also, the Revengers created their own email for those troubled students at any school who seek help from being bullied daily. Somehow and someway, the Revengers can fulfill each request without having any teacher question any of the five friends' sudden absence whenever help is needed.

As the weeks go by, the Revengers became a highly-loved and appreciated group around every nearby school. Whenever the Revengers are seen fighting, students rush to witness and record the experience themselves. Remarkably, not once have the Revengers been caught by any teacher or security. Most of the teachers appear to welcome the delightful arrival of the Revengers since the group has helped the self-esteem of many students wanting to come to school without having to fear the threat of facing a bully.

"This is remarkable guys," says Shade while they relax at James's house one day. "We're seen as freaken superheroes!"

"Superheroes!" smiles Casey while throwing a baseball continuously to himself. "Who'd ever thought that a book-nerd, an intellectual-mastermind, an emo-kid, a friendly-giant, and a goldie-locks gay dude would ever amount to becoming unstoppable superheroes...while in middle school?"

"I did at least," says James confidently, "I had no doubt in my mind. Believing in one's self is the key to all of this success."

"And to think," says Gail, "experiencing all of this truly interferes with all sorts of laws of physics...but I'm okay with that!"

"Shocker!" laughs Butter to everyone's surprise. "This is coming from the queen of science!"

"It's even more of a shock that you're laughing girl!" exclaims Casey as everyone falls to the ground in laughter.


Little does the Revengers know that one of the most known bullies, Adam, has been working non-stop for weeks to concoct a dangerously-violent plan. Seeing the rise of the Revengers has only fueled Adam's revenge to get back at everyone who has done him wrong, and to Adam's point of view, everyone he has made eye-contact with has done him wrong.

"This is big Adam," says Ken, one of Adam's lone friends as the two of them talk in Adam's basement while looking upon thirty other bullies who want nothing but revenge as well. "This idea of yours...if this works, we can take over not just a school, but a county, a city, and...who knows what else."

"That's the point Ken," answers Adam while holding a mysterious box in his hands. "They think suspending us will protect those kids. No... suspending us only signed their death warrants."

Quickly, Adam rips open the box to reveal an AK-47. Suddenly, all the bullies in Adam's basement fell silent as they look in awe at Adam's new weapon. "Maybe we won't have to use this on anybody," says Adam, "but installing fear on kids will give them the demon that everyone here has to go through...scars. Then... we will all be the same..."

Just for pure satisfaction, Adam shoots the AK-47 in the air to test it out. "On second thought," smiles Adam, "these bullets will be reserved for those punks who call themselves the Revengers. If they show up to ruin our parade, then I will give kids around the world the biggest scar of all...the live execution of the Revengers!"


"Guys," whispers Shade to the other four friends as they sit in fourth-period class. Out of the blue, Principal Mack had gone on the intercom and ordered all the teachers to quickly step out of their classrooms. "For some reason, I have a weird feeling that something's not right."

"I don't blame you," says Butter, "bully activity has been a little slow lately... unusually slow... do you think-"

"Everyone on the ground now!"

Suddenly, three well-statured bullies force their way into the classroom with AK-47's in the air. "I want all of y'all to crawl to the hallway now!" says one of the bullies. "I will shoot anyone who does otherwise! Get out now!"

Luckily, the three bullies did not see the Revengers quickly camouflage themselves into the corner of the classroom. Despite being in the corner, the five friends can clearly hear the events that are happening in the hallway. "Now you kids have nobody to protect you!" yells Adam, who all the Revengers are clearly able to recognize. "We've forced every adult out of this school and there is absolutely no escape either! Every corner of this school has one of us with a loaded gun. If we see anybody try to sneak away or be a hero, well, do I need to say what will happen? Lastly, if the Revengers wanna show up to this takeover of ours, then mark my words: they will be executed!"

"Did he just say executed?" gulps Gail.

"I'm afraid so," says James, "unless he meant to say eggs-secuted or something involving eggs..."

"Dude," fires back Shade, "now's not the time to joke around!"

"There's nothing to worry about," says James confidently, "all we gotta do is become the Revengers and take 'em all down like we usually do."

"We?" says Shade in denial. "We? James, I don't know if a bullet has rung through your head or not, but these guys have guns! Guns! And that sicko Adam is leading this whole thing. Dude, Adam is sick, disturbed, and is willing to do anything! I don't know about y'all but I can't do this..."

"What?" says Butter angrily. "You shittin' me?"

"He's right..." stutters a defeated Gail, "we should let the SWAT team take care of this one guys. Statistically, they may have a better chance at knowing what to do here."

"The SWAT team's gonna get someone hurt," answers Casey, "they don't know how these bullies are in the head, especially Adam. He's a loose cannon."

"Casey's right," says James, "we can't let the adults take charge of this again. It's the adult's indecisions that caused all of this anyways. Yet, look at what we, mere kids, have done? We've done more than they have ever done, so why back down now?"

"James," panics Shade, "if we go out there, we will die! We were not trained to fight bullets!"

"But," fires back James, "we were trained to believe! Believing in ourselves has been the main thing that has made us unstoppable. Shade and Gail, you gotta trust me on this. We must do this, and we will win. But, we all gotta believe in each other or else one of us, if not all of us, will die trying."

"There's a movie called Get Rich or Die Trying" smiles Casey randomly to break the tension, "the dude survived and got rich, so why not us?"

"Case..." says Shade as he breaks out a smirk alongside Gail, "homeboy in the movie also got shot nine got some problems dude, but we can talk about that after we kick ass!"

"That's what I'm talkin' about!" says a pumped-up James as the five of them change themselves into the Revengers. "Now, for the first time, we gotta do this in stealth #5 mode. I know this mode is the toughest, but I know we can do it. Come on guys...let's save this school!"


Stealth #5 mode is the most difficult part of training the Revengers had to learn. It involves attacking every enemy as a group one by one without drawing any attention. Each attack can only be done in under five seconds for the procedure to work successfully. Although it took over four hours to do so, the Revengers manage to take down all the bullies... except the last remaining one... Adam.

"He has to know that we're here," says Butter before they enter the gym, which is the last place in the school they are visiting.

"I'm sure he knows," says James, "and I bet he's gonna make it rain as soon as we open those doors."

Much to everyone's surprise, the gym doors somehow magically open as gunfire immediately follows. The Revengers struggle to make their way to the dock of the gym as Adam continues to open fire at them.

"Your efforts are futile!" yells Adam as he continues to shoot. "I'm taking every one of y'all down!"

"Sorry bud," says Casey from behind as he successfully roundhouses Adam's back while slapping the gun away from Adam. "But you should've paid more attention to your surroundings fella!"

"Not bad..." laughs Adam as all the Revengers surround him, "well, what are y'all waiting for? If y'all want me, come get me!"

Despite the five-on-one advantage, Adam efficiently fights away the Revengers without taking a single blow from them. "I've seen y'alls techniques before," laughs Adam while clotheslining Gail and Butter, "let's just say out-of-school suspension has, well, taught me well at home!"

Somehow, Adam jumps in the air and punches Casey square in the face and back-kicks Shade's neck. James, who is standing fifty-feet away from Adam, is madly rubbing his hands together. "I'm all that's left Adam," says James, "so...what are you waiting for? Come get me!"

"My pleasure!" says Adam as he makes a mad dash toward James. Right before Adam reaches James, random sparks of fire appear out of nowhere from James's hands.

"May the power of the dark-arts compel you!" yells James as he takes both of his palms and thrusts them against Adam's chest. Right on the blow, Adam flies ten-feet back and spins around in panic mode.

"You set me on fire you ass!" wails Adam while the Revengers quickly tie up Adam to complete the mission.

"Fire?" laughs Casey. "What fire mate? You just feelin' the wrath of the heater attack...or was is the dragon-bite attack?"

"Don't worry about it," smirks James, "Gail, do whatever you can to alert the SWAT team that we're in the clear for them to come in. Revengers...mission accomplished!"


Although the Revengers successfully took down Adam's gang of bullies, the Revengers sent out a viral video recommending adults and leaders to do more for the bullies that truly need mental help. Hearing that Adam attempted the plot just to give kids the same mental scars that he has made the Revengers realize that perhaps seeking the right mental help for bullies may be the best solution to deal with the bullying problems.

"You think people will take heed to our advice?" says Shade a couple days later as the group celebrate their victory at James's house again.

"They better!" says Butter. "Or else we'll have to beat up adults next!"

"That'll be the day," says James before his mom slowly enters the room with a package. "Is this for me?"

"That's what it says!" says James's mom, who too is a smart-ass as well.

"Now I know where he gets it from," says Casey as they see James reveal a book. "Now what the blazes is that?"

"Y'all not gonna believe this..." says James, "but it's a second edition!"

"A second edition?" says the group in unison.

"Yes!" answers James. "Guys, it looks like our training is just getting started. the woods!"

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