TWA: Teachers With Attitude

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Teachers already have a tough time in finding ways to help lead the way for every kid to succeed in their classes. It's even more tough when having to deal with students who misbehave and disrupt
the learning environment in the classroom. One teacher, who is fed up with having to deal with disrespectful students, attempts to influence her peers to physically retaliate against the kids. Will
this taboo idea work? Or will she be the only teacher to initiate her own form of punishment?

Submitted: February 21, 2018

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Submitted: February 21, 2018



TWA: Teachers With Attitude

Don't you ever have those days where you wish you could just punch a kid square in the face?

I do. I always do. Hell, I'm a teacher who teaches middle school, so of course I always have this desire to just deck the holy hell outta a kid, especially the snot-ass punks who think they run the classroom. They ain't in control. I'm in control!

"Okay class," I say as I begin my fourth-period Language-Arts class, "let's begin by talking about the chapter I assigned last night for homework."

Not to my surprise at all, ninety-percent of the class are giving me that dumb-as-rocks look upon me. "Don't tell me most of y'all didn't read the chapter?"

"Why should we Mrs. West?" blurts James, one of the snot-ass punks I was just talking about. "The crap pointless to read."

Just like the sheep most of the kids are, a majority of the class nod their head in agreement with James.

"It wouldn't be pointless if y'all read the darn thing in the first place," I answer back as calmly as I can, "besides, learning about the importance of avoiding run-on sentences is crucial."

"This whack-ass class is a run-on," says Trevor, another snot-ass brat.

"Excuse me?" I respond with a little malice.

"I said this whack-ass class is a run-on!"

"Okay...well, how about you run onto the principal's office then."

"Hell no! Make me!"


For once, I am looking forward to this afternoon's monthly faculty-staff meeting. I've been having a deep urge to let out my frustrations on Principal Banks in regards to these students' attitudes. I know I'm not alone in this matter, but I doubt if anyone will have the guts to bring this issue up.

"As always," announces Principal Banks to the entire faculty, "this is the time of the meeting where I'm willing to hear anyone's opinions or concerns. Any takers?"

"I have a huge problem on my hands that I wanna discuss!" I interrupt before Principal Banks fully finished his statement. "As a matter of fact, this is a problem all of us have been dealing with for far too long."

"Okay..." says Principal Banks with a look of concern, "go right ahead then."

"Imma just be frank about this, but these students have lost their damn minds these days! Do you know all the shit all of us have to go through?"

"Now Mrs. West, before we continue, I think it's best if you tone down the language and calm down-"

"Calm down? Calm down? How the hell am I supposed to calm down if most of the kids at this school aren't calm?"

Despite some of the other teachers' best efforts to either calm me down or hush me, I refuse to back away from the issue and refuse for Principal Banks to talk over me.

"Listen Mr. Banks," I continue, "we're only two months into the school year, and so far, I've already had to break up fifteen fights, take up eleven cell phones, confiscate drugs, and, oh yeah, I've been physically threatened with all sorts of items, such as pencils, books, and shoes! Yes, kids have been throwing shoes at me! Shoes! And don't get me started about the pocket knives!"

"I get it Mrs. West," says Principal Banks sternly, "and, as you know, I'm already aware of those issues."

"And you have yet to do anything about it!"

"Yes, I have, and you know it Mrs. West! Every one of those students' parents were contacted and informed on the matters you have brought up."

"Oh goodie!" I laugh sarcastically. "Telling the parents really showed those bad ass kids! As you can see, telling the parents hasn't done a damn thing!"

"I hate to interrupt," says Coach Jackson, the football coach and In-School-Suspension teacher, "but a lot of kids have been properly put in and dealt with in my ISS classes-"

"I really wish you would've shut your mouth Coach!" I say with hostility as everyones' attention is on me now. "Your ISS class is a joke! Punishing those kids by having them watch, I mean, 'analyze' the movie 'Gridiron Gang' while eating popcorn and nachos has really given those kids a new lease on life, hasn't it?

A lot of the teachers in the room are fighting extremely hard to avoid laughing while others couldn't help but to snicker at me grilling Coach Jackson. Even though the Coach's face turns as red as a strawberry, he struggles to find the right words to talk back on.

"Okay that's enough of this nonsense!" says Principal Banks angrily. "Mrs. West, you're taking things a bit too far now."

"A bit too far?" I continue my angry rant. "I wouldn't be taking this too far if we, as teachers, are given the power to really do something about this issue. We basically have our hands tied behind our backs while these...these...psychopathic kids are given the power to physically abuse us. And you and the Board are saying that we can't do anything about it? How do we not have the power to retaliate?"

"Mrs. West, are you hearing the ridiculous words that are coming out of your mouth? You sure as hell know that none of us can put our hands on a student."

"And that's the problem! We can't do a damn thing about it! We need to be able to rise up and do something about it! Bring back the paddle! Threaten jail-time! Hell, let us deck the kids on the face from time to time!"

"Those actions are absolutely the very last things any of us are going to do. If anyone is caught or accused of putting their hands on a student, then that person will be terminated. Enough said!"

"But Jonathan-"

"Mrs. West, don't you dare call me by my first name! It's Principal Banks! And I think It's best if you go ahead and go home for the day.


"Please oh please somebody put me out of my misery!"

The teachers' lounge, which is far from a lounge based on the always somber mood from all the teachers, is once again filled with teachers who want nothing more than to say, 'screw everything' and just stop giving a crap about anything. It's been nearly 24 hours since the faculty meeting and I'm still feeling really fed up.

"Same ole' mess Clair?" says Rene, the seventh-grade algebra teacher with her classroom is next to mine.

"Same ole' shit is more like it!" I lash out as I light-up a delightful cigarette.

"Now Clair," says Steven out of nowhere, the creepy eighth-grade science teacher who clearly has never been laid before, "you know this school is a drug-free zone, especially with us running the DARE program this month."

"Fuck DARE!" I yell as I take a huge whiff out of my cigarette. "The damn program is bogus anyways!"

"My goodness," says Rene with a concerned-look on her face, "have the kids gotten under your skin that much today?"

"How could you tell?" I say sarcastically. "I had one kid who challenged my authority by calling me Mrs. Westside Bitch, another kid who flipped the bird at me, and, oh yeah, my fifth-period class can't unpack a damn adjective!"

"Oh It can't be that bad," says Steven with his-phony-lookin' blank stare that he always gives to everybody. I'd swear this dude is gay or something. "Adjectives are one of the easiest parts of speech."

"On the board," I immediately respond, "I wrote the word 'lady' and simply said to say a descriptive word about the lady, any descriptive word, and that's what an adjective is. You wanna know the words they put?"

"Let me see-"

"This is what they said," I interrupt as I quickly flash a paper in front of my face to read, "lady lady, any lady, I don’t know lady, whose lady, I lady, touch lady, I wanna have intercourse with the lady. You see? This the shit I have to deal with everyday alongside dealing with these children of the corn."

"Don't feel too bad," says Rene, "you know Peter Jenkins? He actually called me a skank-ass hoe for taking his phone away from him. Later on, I caught Joe Nichols eating brownie."

"That last one doesn't sound too bad," says Steven.

"Steven," says Rene as she gives Steven a stern look, "Elizabeth Brownie. Joe Nichols was eating Elizabeth Brownie, if you get my drift!"

"Are you serious?" I respond in horror as I unknowingly drop my cigarette. "Kids are now doing that in middle school now?"

"Oh yeah," says Rene, "don't be surprised if a few of these girls around here start cranking out babies before they reach high school."

"I don't get it..." says Steven who clearly didn't get what Rene was trying to say.

"Health class failed you Steven," I say dryly, "but don't y'all see? We can't let these kids make our lives miserable. I don't know about y'all, but I've had it with dealing with dumb kids who act like the spawn of Satan. And we all know that Principal Banks isn't gonna do a damn thing about it! You know, I just wish, oh my goodness, I just wish I could simply deck a kid square in the face without getting locked up or fired."

"You mean actually using physical acts of violence," says Steven hesitantly, "on kids?"

"Whom else dingus!" I respond. "The damn curriculum forces us to teach kids all these lessons, yet, we aren't allowed to teach them a lesson on manners and respect. How the hell does that make any sense?"

"Well it is the parents' responsibility to discipline their kids," answers Steven.

"Ha!" I laugh. "I'm sure you remember yesterday's meeting. Parents are afraid to discipline their kids now. Kids these days don't know what a butt-whoopin is. If I only had the power to whip a kid's ass whenever they disrespect me..."

"Keep dreamin' Clair," says Rene, "you heard Principal Banks yesterday. The second any of us touch a kid, we lose our jobs for good."

"Not if we all do it..." I say repeatedly until I realize an idea, "that's it!"

"What's it?" says both Rene and Steven.

"They can't fire all of us on the spot! Listen: if every teacher in this school agrees to beat the crap out of these bad-ass kids, then they can't fire all of us. How can the Board immediately find replacement teachers on such short notice? They can't! And, what if this movement spreads? What if we can influence other teachers from other districts to follow our lead? Think about it: we can get physical discipline brought back to the classroom!"

"Wow..." says Rene hopelessly and with a lot of doubt in her tone, "that sounds...great...but come on Clair. That shit you smokin' surely can't be a cigarette because you have lost your mind my dear. Teachers can't just slap a kid upside their head without repercussions, especially from the parents."

"Maybe the parents will welcome it!" I respond as I stand up strongly. "Come on guys! We should get every teacher on board with this idea. I don't know about y'all, but I'm just one step away from curb-stompin' a kid anyways! We minus well all do it!"

Before Rene or Steven get the chance to respond, Trina, the sixth-grade Language Arts teacher, busts through the lounge door looking like a complete mess with her stained clothes and her hair filled with sodas, gum, and paper.

"Goddamn girl!" I say in shock. "What the hell happened to you?"

"My students..." says poor Trina, "they...they've taken over my classroom. Principal Banks is handling the situation now..."

"Taken over your class?" says Steven. "But how?"

"I tried to give out a quiz," stutters Trina, "but the students revolted. They started cursing at me and threw everything at me. And I don't know how or when but a student managed to cut the back of my hair. It's short now! You see? I didn't know what else to do but to call in Principal Banks. I feel so ashamed..."

"See?" I announce with pure satisfaction. "This is exactly what I'm talking about! We can't let these kids rule the classroom. It's up to us to finally take a stand and let these kids know that enough is enough!"

"You think we can get every teacher involved?" says Rene curiously.

"Just leave that to me," I respond.


Despite having to almost beg for every teacher to hear my plea, I managed to get every teacher in the school to jump on board with my fight-back initiative. It did take the rest of the week to get it done, but every teacher gave me their word that they would fight alongside with me. All I had to do to gain their trust is to throw the first punch. Of course, I highly agreed to this without hesitation. In addition, Principal Banks has no knowledge of this agreed pact. If he has any slight idea of this attempt to fight back against the students, then this idea will fall down the drain.

"Are you sure you're willing to start this whole punishment initiative?" says Rene quietly as we stand in front of our classrooms while watching the children brawl their ways into their first-period classes.

"Absolutely!" I Immediately respond. "I just need y'all to follow my lead or else this won't work."

"But what if this doesn't work? Maybe Principal Banks has a way to fire and replace us all immediately. I can't lose my job. I love-"

"Rene, for once in your life, stand up for your damn self! This is a cause that needs to be dealt with and we will deal with this...even if it might cost us our jobs."

"Oh lord..." whimpers Rene. " I guess so..."

In an odd twist of fate, Trevor walks past Rene and utters a derogatory comment towards her.

"Excuse me?" says Rene as Trevor stops in his tracks and turns around. "What did you say?"

"I ain't talkin' to yo' old ass self!" says Trevor as a few of the nearby kids laugh.

"Okay that's enough Trevor," I intervene, "you better apologize right now."

"Suck it!"

"What?" I excitedly say after realizing the opportunity thrown upon me. "I know you didn't just tell me to suck it!"

 Without saying a word, Trevor takes both of his arms and gives me a crotch-chop gesture toward me.

"Okay," I answer as I stomp my way towards Trevor and aggressively punt his stomach without hesitation. All of a sudden, the entire hallway hushes after seeing the unthinkable act of a teacher physically harming a student.

"You had this coming Trevor," I say casually as Trevor winces on the ground. "You needed a lesson in manners anyways."

"I'm..." says Trevor as he struggles to get back up, "imma tell Principal on you."

"Go ahead and tell 'em!" I yell for everyone to hear. "Does anyone else have a problem?"

At the same time, all the kids in the hallway rush their way back into continuing their way to their classes. Rene, who is looking as stone-faced as a dead bird, gives me a surprising look.

"You actually did it..." says Rene. "I can't believe you actually punted him square in the stomach! Mr. Banks is gonna get you!"

"Not if y'all follow my lead," I say immediately as I too proceed into my classroom.


Ironically, none of the students in my first five classes misbehaved at all. However, my last class of the day apparently didn't find out about my early morning beatdown on Trevor because it has been taking me five minutes thus far and I still can't get control of my class.

"I said settle down!" I yell to no avail as most of the class continue to talk to their friends and talk, text, and play games on their crappy phones. "This is ridiculous! All of y'all are acting like a bunch of punk-ass lil' shits!"

Finally, my aggressive words got the attention of the entire classroom, at least for a second. Within seconds, the class roars in laughter at what they just heard from my mouth.

"Y'all think this is funny huh?" I say as I begin to open my drawer to take out the equalizer. "Well I've had enough!"

Without seeing the whip that I'm hiding behind my back, I casually walk through the classroom and act as if I'm looking for something. All of a sudden, with their guards down, I begin to randomly whack one bad-ass kid after another with the cracklin' whip. I manage to avoid whipping them above the neck and manage to accomplish this task in under thirty seconds. When I return to the front of the classroom, everyone's eyes and attention are finally on me and me only.

"Now do I have everybody's attention?" I say with a huge sarcastic smile on my face.


"The last thing I expected to be doing today is calling another faculty and staff meeting. But, considering the unprecedented circumstances, an emergency meeting is the only option."

Never before has Principal Banks looked this vicious and pissed off before. The tension in the air is as crisp as a blistering winter day, yet, a lot of the teachers are looking down in shame or discomfort. I haven't been able to ask any teacher yet whether they followed my lead today, but I had a strong feeling that I'm about to find out.

"I know that each and every one of you are aware of why you're here, correct?" says Principal Banks. Awkwardly, none of the teachers decide to answer the question or acknowledge Mr. Banks. "So this is how it's gonna be eh? Well I guess I'll get straight to the point! Can someone please explain to me why I had nearly a hundred complaints today?"

Once again, all the teachers in the room refuse to acknowledge Principal Banks. Ironically, his main focus and attention is on me, as if he knows that I'm the one behind all of this. I want to smirk at him so badly, but instead, I continue to give Mr. Banks a stern look.

"Now's not the time to be lookin' stupid," continues Principal Banks, "so, how about I put y'all on the spot. I don't know what in the hell has gotten into y'all, but best believe that we're all in some deep-shit trouble. I highly doubt if the actions that were suddenly carried out today can be repaired. So...Mr. Todd, should I read the complaint I got today or do you insist on explaining yourself?"

"Go right ahead," says a satisfied Mr. Todd uncharacteristically.

"Very says here that you took out a twelve-inch knife on seven of your students today...and placed the knife near their throats and threatened to, and I quote, 'slice the guts outta the throat like you used to do in the hood.' Really Mr. Todd?"

"Those seven students were being dicks," says the stone-faced Mr. Todd while some of the teachers failed to hold their laughter. "Besides, the damn knife was fake!"

"Doesn't matter Mr. Todd! Bottom line, you threated the lives of seven students! Anyways, Mrs. Alexander...where are you...there you are! It says here you made an example of one student in each of your classes today."

"I sure did!" answers Mrs. Alexander boastfully. "As a former marine, I cannot accept disrespect in my presence. So, I decided to-"

"You decided to put those students in a life-threatening chokehold," interrupts Mr. Banks, "to the point of unconsciousness!"

"It was a safe chokehold that I've done a thousand times in the past!" laughs Mrs. Alexander. "It only puts the kids to sleep for a couple of minutes. Hey, at least I got respect in each of my classes afterwards."

"That's still not an excuse, just like you, Mrs. Clark. Mrs. Clark, you should be ashamed of yourself for what you did."

"Actually," says Mrs. Clark nonchalantly, "I don't. I feel like what I did was justified."

"Justified? So, tell me why it's okay for you to spray Raid bug spray in the eyes of multiple students?"

"No shit!" I had to react as I turn around and give Mrs. Clark a pleased look. "You sprayed bug spray into those kids' eyes?"

"I had no choice!" says Mrs. Clark. "I've had dozens of students try to spray me with hair sprays and aerosols. So, I had to do something to finally put a stop to it."

"Right on!" I smirk while Principal Banks shakes his head in disapproval.

"Believe it or not," says Mr. Banks, "it gets a lot worse. Mr. Steven, you know that you're only supposed to practice safe science procedures in your labs."

"Yes," says Steven blankly and nervously.

"Okay...yet, out of all the complaints, you accumulated the most, which is a big shock to me. What I absolutely can't comprehend is why you decided to release a...hell I can't read this out, but it's some kind of gas..."

"It's a small level nerve gas that I created," stutters Steven as every teacher in the room looks upon Steven in amazement.

"A nerve gas? A nerve gas! Do you realize you went above and beyond in punishing your students? You're supposed to teach students, not eliminate them!"

"It was just a small level nerve gas I created...perfectly non-fatal, and I did warn them beforehand. But...I'm sorry...I too had reached my breaking point today..."

"You too? Each and every one of you teachers are talking as if none of y'all had no idea that all of y'all were gonna initiate some form of retaliation on your bad students. However, I'm not stupid!"

Finally, Principal Banks points at me, as if he knows that I'm the ring –leader in all of this. "Mrs. West," begins Principal Banks, "I know damn-well that you are the cause of all this. I can tell and I can assure that you're the main culprit behind all this."

"What would make you think of such a whacky accusation?" I respond sarcastically as If I'm completely innocent. "Is it because I whacked the hell outta some of my bad-ass shit-headed students? Or, is it because of the punt to the stomach that I gave Trevor? No, maybe it's because of those select few students that I decided to use my taser on?"

"Your taser?" says a startled Principal Banks.

"Yes! How the hell did you not get that complaint? I got them kids good too! You should've seen the bulldog-look on their faces as I tased the holy hell outta them-"

"Okay that's all I wanna hear! That's almost the worst thing to do to students and you know it, but you obviously don't give a damn. Anyways, whatever cause that y'all are representing now needs to end now! Mrs. West, I expect for you to call off any remaining acts of retaliation you and these other teachers may have planned. Also, I expect for all of y'all to make an articulate, professional, and remorseful apology to every student and parent that has been harmed or affected by your actions."

"That ain't gonna happen," I immediately respond as a majority of the teachers begin to clap their support for me, "you see, we're TWA: Teachers With Attitude. No longer will us, as teachers, deal with being threatened by these students. Nobody else will fight our cause for us, so, we as teachers are taking matters into our own hands. Mark my words Principal Banks: once more teachers get word of this, this movement will spread like a wildfire. So, I will ask you this one question right now: are you with us or against us?"


The good news is that none of the teachers have gotten fired for our uprising...yet. However, the bad news is plentiful. For starters, Principal Banks is highly against our plea. Matter of fact, he is so against us that he has ordered every teacher to attend a mandatory school-wide parent-teacher meeting. Based on how this meeting goes, then the future of our jobs will be addressed, which I strongly still can't imagine the board being able to fire every single one of us.

Anyways, it's the night of the parent-teacher meeting and never before have I seen the gym so packed. Just about every parent has showed up to this meeting and, based on the mood I am feeling in the room, all the parents may be in an angry mood. Every teacher is sitting on the stage facing the parents and, to no surprise, my seat is in the middle and visibly separated from everyone else.

"First and foremost," begins Principal Banks, who is standing in front of me on a podium, "I would like to once again apologize for the misconduct of our teachers this week. Such conduct is not and will not be tolerated. No student deserves or has done anything that should've resulted to such acts thrown upon them this week."

For what seems like forever, Principal Banks continues to apologize and blame us teachers for all that we did to the kids this week. It almost feels as if he is degrading our knowledge, integrity, and skills as teachers. Eventually, I decide that enough is enough and I get up from my chair and cut Principal Banks off.

"Principal Banks can say all the apologies he wants," I begin "but, at the end of the day, the main person behind all this mess is me. I'm the one who got every teacher together to initiate the punishments we inflicted upon your children. Life as a teacher is already challenging and tough as it is, but when we also have to deal with children misbehaving and disrupting the classroom, our nerves will tend to get worked up a bit."

"Excuse me?" says a random parent in the audience. "That doesn't give you the right to physically punish our kids. That's what we are here for!"

A majority of the parents applaud the recent response in vast approval. However, before I let things get too out of hand, I force my voice through the commotion. "That should be the case. Yet, no disrespect, but, in all honesty, parents have not done enough discipline on some of the children we deal with everyday."

Once again, the parents attempt to rise in an uproar, but again, I force my voice. "Let me explain! Listen, I know most of y'all see your kids as perfect little angels, but, in the classroom, some of these kids are throwing various objects at us, cursing at us, hitting other kids, and just plain out disrupting the classroom. Every teacher sitting behind me can attest to this! I'm not just making this up. Now, I'm not in any way telling any parent on how to discipline or treat their kids. All we are asking for is a little help and a little permission to help dissolve this disciplinary issue."

This time, at least the parents are talking amongst each other instead of yelling at me. I certainly believe now is a good time to finish my speech. "I'm sorry for any inconvenience our actions as teachers has brought upon y'all and your kids. But, I can give you my word that if we had permission to lightly discipline the problematic kids, then things as a whole will be better."

Once again, the parents begin to talk amongst one another. At least I got them talking a bit, so all I need to do is finish this thing off. "So, what do y'all say? Will you at least consider our plea?"


"I can't believe they actually fired us all!"

Unfortunately, me and a lot of the teachers are sitting at some random bar drinking our asses off because, somehow and someway, the board managed to fire us all on the spot and replace us on the spot as well. I didn't even think this was possible or allowed, or legal.

"I'm so sorry guys," I continue to beg forgiveness, "I still don't know how this could've happened."

"Well," says a disappointed Rene as she gulps up a drink, "when It's the board, the parents, and Principal Banks versus teachers, what else do you expect? We were outnumbered here."

"True...but you gotta admit that it felt good as hell to actually lay our hands on those kids! And listening to how the other teachers creatively punished their troubled students was sweet too! I hate to say this, but I don't regret my decision to fight back."

"Funny you say that," smiles Rene, "I actually feel the same way. It did feel good to hold down a kid's face into a sink-full of water."

"Say what? You didn't tell me you did all that!"

"It was no big deal really! Besides, what's done is done. Too bad we lost our jobs though..."

Ironically, I look at my phone and see Principal Bank's phone number calling me. "What you want now?" I answer rudely.

"You see what you've done?" hisses Principal Banks. "I hope you're happy! Your damn movement has already spread throughout the state! Remember, you are responsible for endangering the lives of students! You will regret starting this movement!"

Before I have the chance to talk back, Principal Banks hangs up the phone on his end. I immediately search all the local news sites to confirm what Mr. Banks had claimed was happening.

"I can't believe this!" I yell excitedly with a huge grin. "It's spreading Rene! Teachers have seen our plea and are fighting back!"

"Oh my!" answers a relieved Rene. "This is actually happening!"

"Yep!" I respond. "Best of all, this is only the beginning."

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