The Moon Left the Sky

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Submitted: February 21, 2018

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Submitted: February 21, 2018



The Moon Left The Sky


The moon is beautiful,

In the sky’s night.

Her tempt suitable,

for his dark bite.


Oblivious and wild,

she took a leap,

now standing defiled,

in water knee-deep. 


Feeling the surface,

cold on dry skin,

loosing her purpose,

facing her sin.


When her body adjusted

to the water so cold,

she looked and lusted

for pleasures untold.


She begun to move

but could not get away,

her dreams removed,

and she was left astray.


Her feet had dived,

into thick, thick sludge.

Her freedom deprived,

Her options misjudged.


Meanwhile he noted,

that his moon was lost,

so the sky left devoted,

to find her at any cost.


He followed her trace,

as she struggled and tried,

and she almost made it,

before the sky found his bride.


She stood in the pond,

still a beautiful sight.

Her desires where beyond,

what was found in the night. 


Still she looked at him,

and gave a calm smile,

the world had been grim,

she just needed a while.


She embraced the sky, 

and with him she returned.

In the night time comply,

in the daytime she yearned. 


She needed the life,

the night could not give.

For now, as his wife,

She will continue to live. 




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