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Have you ever woken up in unknown place and your mind is unstable due to fear and confusion--An unknown place that can drive you to insanity.

Submitted: February 21, 2018

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Submitted: February 21, 2018



The alarm clock rang at 2 a.m in the morning disturbing my sleep. I woke up crying, but didn't know why. I went back to sleep. TRIIING TRIIING the alarm clock rang at 4 a.m, I slowly stood up, the air was heavy and toxicated to breathe. My shirt was covered in sweat, my bed was drenched in water it felt like I was somewhere else rather than on my bed sleeping. My body started to shiver from the cold temperature, I was too weak to get up and my throat was dry to call for help; If there was any help available? My mind started feeling weak so I drifted into a dark hole slowly without realizing it. The alarm clock rang at 6 a.m. I opened my eyes and studied my surrounding careful to see if I can spot something out of place. The walls were white, no windows, no furniture except my bed. Nothing was different than usual. Suddenly I heard a faint voice in the distance calling my name, but no one was there. The voice was trembling in fear, like it were afraid of something or someone. I covered my face with the pillow trying to ignore the voice pretending it wasn't there, I forced myself to sleep acting like nothing just happened. Chills ran down my spine, my hands were sweating and I felt this tense pain in my head. Something was buzzing in my ear but I couldn't get rid of it. My eyes opened, I noticed that I drifted to sleep, and I was awakened by the alarm clock that was ringing, it was 8 a.m by now. I tried to listen for the voice to see if it was there, but it was gone. I let out a big sigh of relief. I caught myself giggling for no reason and couldn't stop. Within a second I was laughing like a maniac, my laughter echoed in the empty room as I started to cry and scream. My vision was getting blurry from all the tears, my head ached so much that I started bangging it against the wall. The room started to spin in circles, the white painted room started to hurt my eyes, I started feeling a burning sensation in my stomach. The door to my room made a squeaking sound as it opened softly, two people dressed in white walked in. They started walking towards me, they smelled like chemicals and medicine. I tried to yell so they can be frightened by me and leave, but no words came out. My body started to shake like a bomb ready to explode, they started moving slowly towards me. I pushed my body away from them and fell on the ground. The floor was cold and hard, I tried to pick my body up to run or even defend myself. But nothing worked, my legs were paralyzed. They both reached my bed and started staring at it like they were looking for something special. One of them came towards me- looking at me with pity and disgust. It wasn't human at all, it wasn't a person. It reached for my hand, checking my pulse, it nodded to the other person and they both walked out leaving me on the floor. The floor suddenly turned warm and the temperature in the room raised. The air became more thicker and hotter. I started to sweat like a pig, my hand began to burn on the floor. My room felt like an oven, then this weird thought came to mind- was I getting cooked alive? Was the alarm clock actually a timer? Did the two people came to see if I was ready to be cooked? I’M I THEIR FEAST?  


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