Lighthouse Drive

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Submitted: February 22, 2018

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Submitted: February 22, 2018



Psycho Cindy left late one night. She couldn't stand another day with the manic-depressive, pill popping alcohlic, with multiple personalites, that was her husband. During the six years they had been married, he had only spent one night with her in the same bed. He had a terrible way of belittling her. She had become depressed during her pregnancy, and put on 100 pounds. He used to buy her leather mini-skirts, and small tops to torment her. He would tell her that he wouldn't be interested in her, until she could fit into these outfits. He wouldn't do any housework, because he said that was women's work. He would leave for days on end, and tell her that he was going to the campus library.

She had even left him a couple times before, but ended up going back. The last time she went back to him, he had let his friends take over her room. She didn't even have access to her dresser! She was forced to sleep on the floor in the hallway.

Hell, he wasn't even there, when she went into labor. He was out getting drunk!

Cindy could never forget her first beating. They happened to be discussing something in the bedroom, when he kicked her in the face, giving her a black eye. They had only gotten engaged at this time. She should have known better than to marry him.

He had a collection of knives under his bed. One day, he pinned her to the floor, and scraped a blade across her glasses, threatening to cut her eyes out.

He would choke her out almost every night. Cindy was grateful when his mother would stay with them, because he wouldn't lay a finger on her.

He even punched her in the stomach, and the head a couple times, when she was pregnant. Cindy hated herself for being too weak to leave at the time.

Cindy stayed with a friend of hers for a couple weeks, but her husband really had her screwed up. Every time someone would buzz the apartment, she would freak out. She thought it was her husband coming after her. 

A couple days later, she took off, and ended up in a psych clinic where she was put on some strong medication. A couple hours later, she was released to her parents. She was so doped up that she spent the next couple of days sleeping. 

She moved into their basement. Cindy was under the impression that she was supposed to be getting married to her best friend. She waited for the phone to ring in anticipation. After every phone call, she ran upstairs to ask if it was him on the other end of the line. She soon became discouraged. 

A couple days later, she became convinced that her parents were in the mafia, and out to kill her. She took off that evening, grabbing one of her father's old golf clubs out of the basement. She hid behind some bushes.

About an hour later, she flagged down a truck, claiming that her baby was missing. The driver phoned the police, and the investigation was started.

Later that evening, the police had confirmed that the baby was only a figment of her imagination. The actual baby was taken away, a couple years earlier by the state.

She is escorted by ambulance to a mental institution. The paramedics who transported her, recognized her as the socially ackward, outcast they knew from high school, and pitied her.

She is sentenced to spend 20 years in a mental hospital. Oddly enough, she couldn't be more happy in her delusional world. In the las report, the doctor noted that she had created her own pretend family. She even created the perfect husband in her head that only she can see. 

She was recently put on Thorazine, and she tends to drool alot. Now she carries around a baby doll that she talks to, feeds, changes, bathes, and clothes. Her name is Shannon...

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