Crab Man, a Scholar, and the Wheel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

CHAPTER ONE Every man must feel that he is extraordinary. I, however, feel no such need. For I AM extraordinary. My every moment awak... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

CHAPTER TWO (Gao Quan) “But I would not trade places with you.”, I hasten to add. I do this because I see those intense eyes ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

CHAPTER THREE (Pang Huo) As the three-wheeled cart jolts to a halt in the tiny courtyard, DaGe bellows, “Zhuang Zhou is home!... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

CHAPTER FOUR (Gao Quan) She is flirting with me! I have never been an unfaithful husband. But even a faithful husband does not ce... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

CHAPTER FIVE (Pang Huo) I am almost certain that when I was very little, I very much loved to sit absolutely still and imagine th... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

CHAPTER SIX (Gao Quan) ---and I pick up the bus card, presumably mine, that just struck the calf of my leg. Clearly, I must’ve drop... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

CHAPTER SEVEN (Pang Huo) “These are dark days.” That sounds like the opening to one of my word-strings. What Teacher Kong and the... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

CHAPTER EIGHT (Gao Quan) “Du Zhe?” Pang Huo’s face is puzzled, though his eyes radiate joy at the unexpected encounter with... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

CHAPTER NINE (Pang Huo) “Good, Pang Huo. Very good. But…I’m sorry. I didn’t catch all of that.” “Again? OK. The brill... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

CHAPTER TEN ?Gao Quan? “Hey! Aren’t you forgetting something?” As I stand up to go, Pang Huo nods significantly towards his... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

CHAPTER ELEVEN (Pang Huo) Leaping the sandbagged berm, I waste the two rag-heads manning the machine gun. A head shot to each. When y... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

CHAPTER TWELVE (Gao Quan) “Shao deng!”, I shout. “Stupid bastard.”, I mutter. I’m annoyed. Of course I’m annoyed. The in-... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

CHAPTER THIRTEEN ( Pang Huo) Knocked flailing backwards, Gao Quan nearly lands on me. But I scarce see him. My eyes are for Huang Lan... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

CHAPTER FOURTEEN (Gao Quan) -----watermelon. Sight sweeps along my arm to cleaver haft. Thence to red smeary blade. Thence----awf... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

CHAPTER FIFTEEN (Mo Li) Accompanying the magazine story is a photo. It shows a repulsive little man looking altogether too much l... Read Chapter

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