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Once upon a time, beginning of a story from childhood. Beginning of a story that has happy ending. That’s why I want to start this with that. It gives me strength to write, I need it so much. So
here we go. I promise to take you inside my head and I promise weird things happen to me.

Submitted: February 22, 2018

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Submitted: February 22, 2018




Once upon a time there lives a young adult in the far north of the world. Scandinavia to be precise. You might have heard about it. Countries with cold and dark winters and almost as cold but bright summers.  I´m student studying software engineering and database designing. I started last fall because I thought loving computers and videogames is enough to make it my job. I moved into a rather big city in to the hearth of the city, because I wanted to enjoy the fact that I´m in city. I just keep saying city because I come from countryside. My home village has only five thousand residents.  To be able to do that I had to sacrifice my privacy. So I´m living with five other roommates. We got same kitchen and only two bathrooms but at least I have my own bedroom with separate lock. Actually I kind of love my roommates I never feel lonely because there is always the option to go to the kitchen and drink some tea and somebody will always come and chit chat with you. If I´m lucky it's the hulk with sick abs and without a shirt. Never kissed him but maybe one day if he brokes up with his girlfriend. He is just perfect man. Studying communications in university he just listen you in a whole different way that anyone else. He is intrested in what you say but also has that delicate sense to respond in a way that you always feel good when talking to him. Compared to the option that I would live eight to ten kilometres from the centre of the city alone in a small condo this is better for me.

I have always been a bit shy but I´ve learned to force myself to talk to people but I don’t come across loyal friends easily. I have couple but they are not the kind of people I could spent time every day. They are around the world. That’s the other thing about me. I love traveling so much that I just keep feeling like I want to leave far away and find new worries for my life. Right now, I feel so bad and I´m so guilty of feeling so bad because I know that I have everything that millions of people will never have. I have it good bros I keep saying to everyone. My career choice is messed up IT engineer and woman is not something that you choose if you want to live happy and easy life without proving yourself worthy of doing men’s job every fucking day. I have walked away from summer job interviews over ten times because I´ve been offered the secretary’s job instead of junior engineer or being told that the company already has cleaning services from another company. Truly messed up isn’t it. Just because I don’t have a dick and I look ten times better than any nerdy introvert guy. 


Enough about the negativity we get back to it later. I think I want to start from the beginning of my school year.


Today is the first day in school

Frist time walking into my univesity's ball room and I´m late. I did´t know which buss stop I should take and it took me a while to figure it out. So I´m fifteen minutes late when I eventually find the front door to the school. And by the way its not the one that is mentioned on the website. It´s the one farthest from that entrance that you should use when studying engineering. I came in from nurses entrance. So after being lost first outside it doesn't get any better inside. This huge maze of hallways just swallows me. Luckily I meet a group of people wearing pink t-shirts and overalls in every colour you can imagine. Overalls are skandinavian thing, kind of blue collars symbol that students work as hard as anyone who wakes up to do manual labour. And this group is wearing theirs because they are tutors for new students. So thank godd I´m not lost anymore and also when we slip inside the ball room I´m assured that the principals speech just makes you very sleepy.

There we are eventually sorted out into our classes for the next four years and after walking a long time and climing countless stairs to the fourth floor we sat down into a classroom with our tutors. Finally I have time to addres the situation I have putted myself in. There is forty students only two other girls and no-one who seems to be normal. You know the kind of talking and funny who you like from the first time you see them. Well I´m that kind of person in the right company but I don´t think this is the place for me. Tutors have not prepared anything for us to do and only thing we are doing today is listen when our main teacher will come to introduce herself, but because she is also one of the heads of this school she has a lot on her plate and we are the ones who wait for her Highness to appear when it suits her. While waiting I force myself to talk to the most cute looking near me. Not everyone can be that bad, right? And these are guys you date this specimen of earth so its not so hard to make them like you. First one I talk to is a vicar's son Terry. He is funny one really and actually kind of good looking too. About 180 centimeters tall yeah I´m one of those girls who truly likes tall guys with some muscles but not too much for it to stand out. Brown hair and bright green eyes to just capture my interest. He starts to tell me enthusiastically about his proggress in Civilization 6 good video game really the way you can conquer the world is addicting. It's so freaky how it is so true that with wars and killing you can win easily but doing the culture path instead is so much more satisfying. If you have no idea what that game is it´s basically just map and your goal is to build your own civilization from ancient time to modern age. From there the conversation shifts to boys army stories. And others around us join the conversation. You know when we are drinking together if there is any other girls with me we always play a drinking game. Everytime that porn, army or videogames are mentioned you take a shot. With these guys they have almost carried me home so many times. Or not they one of them. The one that is different from any other. With Terry my mind maybe wonders how his lips would taste but with this man I wonder what he would look in my wedding photo. Even when my goal is to never get married.

I continue this storry in a book format because it´s nicer to write when theres chapters.






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