A Garden Full of Values

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Submitted: February 22, 2018

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Submitted: February 22, 2018




One day a boy and his father were preparing for a spring garden in their backyard. The boy was so excited that he announced to his mother “Me and Daddy are going to plant a garden.”

The mother watched as they poked the seeds into the black top soil. They planted tomatoes, squash and green beans. She watched as they carefully transplanted the tomato plants into the ground. She listened to the spurts of laughter, the dialogue that pass back and forth.

The boy asked so many questions like – “When will they grow, Daddy? Tonight or Tomorrow? Or I have to wait for few days?”His father explained him all his queries. Mother saw the smile which touched her husband’s expression, and that moment she knew she was already seeing the first of many fruits the garden would bring. Her son would learn that some things in life aren’t instant. Her husband would learn how to deal with the expectations and endless questions. Patience...  what a wonderful fruit to grow.

Finally the plants appeared. From the distance she saw her son with a look of glee. And like the tiny plants breaking through the earth, she saw fruit number two appear. Pride…what a wonderful fruit to grow.

There smiles met at same time. There was no need to answer. Relationships, patience and pride memories. Who knew a garden could bear so much?

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