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this is the poetic story of how lucifer fell, man fell and how many generations fell. the universe fell and maladjustment was born

Submitted: February 22, 2018

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Submitted: February 22, 2018




Iki Mudiaga-Maxwell Aghogho

There came a time, When the fire flamed higher And the burning zeal was unstoppable. But the mocking-bird is a circular pet His master too was a circular man of transfuse radical nature, So that, as the ocean keeps calling The sun’s weary back keeps tending to the ocean’s call. Yet his compass was still set at work to keep watch, So that his landmark could be trespassed. But with care, the Porter mounted wings on his pet, That sat merrily on his shoulder singing joyfully, As he computes his master’s self destruction, to the Porter.

There came a time, When the sun flower shines in radiance And her way pleases many. Then from afar, Her admirers regarded her as God’s favourite.

There came a time, When the caterpillars and locust came in their legions, The tailing fire flies brightened their paths, at their fall. When they came in contact, the seeds and roots felt the change. The vain has been poisoned, By the craftiness of him whose eyes are shrewd, Towards deal making.

There came a time, When his eyes were always at the watch, As he clutches in desperate entanglement, on a reed afloat. When the darkness spread with furry across the mind, In it he saw his chance, This empowered him to swipe across Eden, in enraged gusto.

There came a time, When the roses blossom in fullness and fairness And the eyes of men couldn’t be divided. They conspired in their plots, to feed their eyes and paws. There came a time, When the young lilies got fairer by the morning And the parrots in their many decors, Strives in envious plots, to take a closer look by the evening. After the deviation a lot changed. Day after day, prayers for restoration shot up in tiny sparks, From the lips of both dying flame and flower. Restoration for a renewed glorious past: From the hours the sun spreads his radiant cloak across the sky, To the hours old men goes indoors from the inferno of the night cold, The prayers keep aflame.

After the deviation of humanity corridors, The design of Him, who stands as the greatest, was altered.

In hopelessness they faded from youth in dawn, To ageing at near dusk. The bees came in intense hunger, The paleness in ageing came in little variation, The longing for dying came in larger deviation, As humanity entangles their fate in the voracious appetite of the enraged Morning star.

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