Hand a Sceptre to my lady

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a tale of love, friendship and affection. A short but beautiful poem that tell of beauty and love

Submitted: February 22, 2018

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Submitted: February 22, 2018



Hand a sceptre to my Lady

Iki Mudiaga-Maxwell Aghogho

Hand a sceptre to my lady And she will paint my entire existence With her petty feelings that is clouded with emotions. She would make me come away With her one perfect smile. I know definitely, she would blow me tiny pink roses And cloud my wits to desire her wish. If I haven’t been with her all this while, I would have missed it; Yet I choose to be lead for a while By her overwhelming sunshine In a lane of all odds, But it was just for a while. If she is with a sceptre, She might variably exist as a Queen of all possibility If not the king-lady of my sensitivity. In time, she might eventually appear As the eyes I used in giggling through the lane of hustling. But she can’t handle that staff too long Even when she’s privilege to, Because it is not hers to handle.

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