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The final moments of a dying person... or so they think.

Submitted: February 22, 2018

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Submitted: February 22, 2018



Accidents are a funny thing. 
At the same time though, they can be horrifying. Life ending, even. 
Everyone has accidents. They're simply unavoidable. Small accidents, like dropping your cup, or breaking a plate, or even stubbing your toe. Larger accidents, like dropping a brick on someone else's foot, breaking an arm, or even crashing your car. That's nowhere near to my misfortune, however, as my life was much, much more tragic. Well, I say was, but it's not quite over yet, sadly. Just a few more minutes of endless suffering, although it feels like hours, days even. As I lay here, so near to the end, I finally get what people mean when they say they see their life flash before their eyes. It's not quite so literal however. Not to me, at least. It's more of a never-ending loop of memories that come flooding back to me, rather than an instant flash of the best and most nostalgic moments. Memories of yesterday, a week ago, memories of several years ago and even some memories I had seem to have forgotten come flooding back to me. Memories of good times with friends, memories of my parents, memories of my childhood home—but suddenly, a memory appears that seems foreign to me. A shadow of a man, blurry but clear at the same time. Is this still a memory? Is it something I had experienced long ago and only just remembered? Is it even MY memory, or did the cosmic forces that are pulling me away from my body confuse me for someone else? 
At the height of my confusion, however, it starts speaking to me. This is weird, since most memories don't have sound at all, and certainly not anything this clear. It is so clear in fact, that if I concentrate on it, it might just be clear enough to understand. 
"Join me..." It said, in an ominous voice. 
I am still convinced it is in fact a memory but I might as well respond. "Wh- who are you?" I stammer, slightly stumbling over my words. I see it readjusting itself, as if to prepare for a long speech. "That is of no importance right now. I am here to take you to the next plane. You have lived a good life, and I am therefore allowed to take you to what is known among mortals as 'paradise'. This, however, is not where your journey ends. To prove yourself worthy you must complete an epic quest, after which you will be sent to either paradise or back to this realm." The thing I wonder about on a daily basis seem so trivial when confronted with death itself. The thing is, none of it matters. Not forgetting your keys that one time, not how many times you held open a door for someone, not whether you recycle or not, nothing matters when you are faced with the end of your oh so short existence on a planet unknown to the rest of the universe. Not even death itself matters. The world moves on, for better or for worse. It doesn't matter what you did or how you died, because on a cosmic scale, nothing even has the tiniest impact. So I say, "Fine. Take me to the next life. I am done here." 
"A choice has been made, and a fine one indeed. Most are not this easy to convince, and either break down crying or try to find some loophole in the system to be allowed back into the mortal realm, what has made you so easy to convince?" The ominous voice continued. 
All I can say is "Just take me there, before I change my mind", and suddenly it feels as if the world is falling apart, taking the black abyss around me with it, in an indescribable sensation. Slowly but surely a new world comes in to focus. Out of nowhere I am standing in the middle of a lush forest. I am not alone however, as there seems to be a group of others around me consisting of roughly 20 people, who all seem to be in perfect health. I put a hand up to my face, expecting nothing more than bone, but what I find is that I have also been healed of my wounds. My previous life ended when I fell in to a puddle of acid and this took half of my face with it, but all that damage seems to have been undone in a matter of seconds, and I am in perfect health again, standing here in an unknown place, on an unknown planet with no idea of how to move forward, when suddenly, out of nowhere, the booming voice speaks up one more time. It simply says: "Survive". 

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