Moon Children: Dark Night

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A young girl Lily Jinks and her brothers and sisters embark on a mission to save their worlds before the dark defeats the light. They must traverse many obstacles to discover their great power and
learn that family and love are closer than they appear.

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Lily's story begins.
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Chapter 1

I just want to say that this is not going to be a sad story but there may be some sad scenes.
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Chapter 2

Lily shot up. her head hurt and so did her heart. There was a soft meow and Merlin nudged her cheek. “It was just a dream none of... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Lily had sparred with Carra hundreds of times…but this time was different. Carra’s shoulders were slumped slightly and she stared a... Read Chapter

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Anon Amous

I like the action right in the beginning of the chapter. Also, the introduction of Cara and of this mysterious power to create food from thin air! Love that! And, she meets her father at the end of the chapter?? Nice cliffhanger.
There were only a few times you accidentally drifted into first-person. I highlighted one of them. And there are a few places you can add commas to make the reading flow a little better.
Story-wise you have intrigue and interesting characters. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Wed, April 25th, 2018 1:50am

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