REBIRTH: Diamond of the Su family

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[{Attention please this story has nothing to do with real life nor person. This is all of the authors. Kindly take note. Danke}] (The beginning may seem off a little and plain but that was due to
exams. My most sincere apologies an wish to rectify. Kindly pay much attention to Chapter 4 and beyond)( Well still your point of view. Now you may continue. Gracias).

To be given a second chance to live is almost impossible. But when youngest daughter of the Su family travels back in time after a hell of a life in her future she is determined to give a piece of
her enemies cakes to them. Back with much knowledge of what is to happen in the in near future. But there is just one prince on her trail who seem to be able to read her through. Someone that she
barely remembers in her past life. "I got to say you got one hell of a talent Young Lady Su"The youth in his silvery back robe said as he leaned back with an air of tiredness and boredom. "Since we
in the same boat,allow me to make a deal with you"." Is it okay or not. A deal or not"the youth said as a dark air came over him. Looking plainly at him like an uninterested person the Beautiful
lady in her plain Sea blue hanbok responded. "Why not?? There's nothing to lose. The bigger. The stronger. The better. The harder the fall."

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