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Chapter 46 (v.1) - (TV Moments) Game of Thrones 8.1

Submitted: April 15, 2019

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Submitted: April 15, 2019



"Winterfell": Dany and Jon return to the place of Jon's childhood--it is in the title. Arya watches a young boy sneak a peak as they enter with the Unsullied, Dothraki, and two dragons; she remembers what it was like to be young, eager for a glimpse of Robert Baratheon. Sansa does not think that Dany can lead northerners, nor does she think that Jon is wise giving up his crown; she worries that they cannot feed or accomadate Dany's army. Sansa argues at points with Jon, Dany, and Tyrion, calling Tyrion unwise for trusting the truce with Cersei. My favorite moment comes when Jon and Arya reunite--finally! Also, Dany takes Jon to her dragons; she flies on Drogon and he rides Rhaegal, "ruining horses," for him.

Cersei sleeps with Euron, offers Bronn the job to kill her two brothers, and hopes that the Night King's army will destroy most of Dany's troops. Theon saves Yara and they commandeer Euron's ship--serves him right. 

Dany and Jorah thank Sam for saving Jorah just moments before insulting Sam with the news that she executed his father and brother. I suppose that no matter how much he hated his family, they were still his family, and he cries. He tells Jon that Jon is a Targaryen, and we see him doing some math in his head. Sam, Sansa, and the northerners want Jon to abandon his pledge to Dany. There is a freaky scene in which the Night King has left a screaming surprise which Tormund torches, and finally Jaime reaches Winterfell, only to see Bran, the Three Eyed Raven.

Themes: Bitterness and betrayal (Cersei), questioned alliances (Dany/Jon and Cersei/Euron), the sorrow of nostalgia (Arya), and guilty consciences (Dany and Jaime). 

As stated, my favorite scene involves Jon and Arya. Even though Jon is a Targaryen, Arya will always be a sister to him, and his favorite. He even says that she was the one who never treated him like garbage for being a "bastard." And I love that Arya sticks up for her sister when Jon questions Sansa's motives.

Sansa just wants the best results for her family and their people; her change from the mopey teenager in season one to the wise Queen in seasons seven and eight impresses me more than any other character, and there are some great ones. She has learned the larger view approach to leadership that Cersei possesses, but without the malice. 

I love when Yara headbutts Theon to show her disapproval at him for leaving her. Yet, she offers her hand to pick him up. She makes her statement, and she moves on without holding a grudge. Then, even better, they take Euron's favorite toy. Man, I love that ship. I also love scenes where Dany soars on Drogon. I am nervous for the encounter that Viserion is going to have with his fellow dragons.


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