The Walkers

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Submitted: February 22, 2018

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Submitted: February 22, 2018



The Walkers


  They were victems of the wind. The wind blew their heads

off while they were taking their morning walk in the park. 

It blew their heads off, way into the surf, never to be seen 


  But they kept walking, they walked and walked like zombies,

as the wind lashed them, as blood dripped down from their

open necks.

  They walked and walked through the park, as the wild wind

howled, as the leaves and garbage blew about, as the tree 

branches snapped, as the cockatoos screeched, as the

waves crashed, and clouds like skulls sped across the sky.

  The residents who lived near the park watched the headless

procession with a mixture of fascination and disgust.

- The ranger, where is he! He should get rid of them!

- We should catch a few and barbecue them! That one there's

got nice meaty thighs. I like to sink my choppers into her meat!

- We should call the cops out! Get them to shoot them! Put

them out of their misery!

  The walkers walked and walked, as the noon sun beat down

on them, trudging into the afternoon, attacked by stray dogs

and feral children, they walked on, till finally darkness came,

and like shadows, they were eaten by the night.

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