Game of Thrones Poems: The Complete Collection

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Poems chronicling the Houses of the HBO TV show Game of Thrones

Deep in the west

Far in the east

Who is the man and who is the beast?


House Stark

Stark are the days of long summers past.

Now the frigid icy winds, blizzards and snow will last.

Upon the frost do numerous armies march,

Towards the heavens do their bloody arrows arch, as

The North remembers all the young who have fallen,

As the Great War rises upon sworn bannermen.

Brothers of honor, born low or born high,

All must stand proud against The Long dark Night.

The Old Gods watch, always silent and sure.

Winter Is Coming.

They've all said that it would.

And until the glorious day when we all die

Shall the whispering weirwoods stand high.


House Lannister

The dynasty fated by prophecy

The pride of a thousand hearts.

Golden coin deafens golden pleas

Driven ten thousand miles apart.

Murderous testimony slices golden knights in white cloaks.

And now The Rain of Castamere croaks.

The Hand of the King, in pockets does it swell.

The Vipers bite and the Lions pounce.

Oh, the tales they tell.

As the lion's roar echoes sevenfold,

“A Lannister Always Pays in Gold”.

This promise do they pronounce.

The Queen whose fire brings suffering tears

Now all high or below does Westeros fear.

The debt is paid and the time draws near.

'Tis that bloody roar you will hear.


House Tyrell

Upon the glorious garden high,

Do the vines tangled ever to and fro.

The war is done, victory is nigh.

Let the prettiest flowers grow.

Such beauteous queens

Of thorns and roses do they speak.

Shall lions purge, attack their prey

High in the womb of the Red Keep.

Sisters, brothers, From Seven to Three

Among the roots do ensnare many weeds.

Growing Strong, they strangle you in your sleep.

Mother, of mercy divine,

Let the cunning seeds arise.

By fire they die, snuffed out by ambition.

Only from you will they recieve contrition.

Tend the garden well. Endure.

Lest how quickly the tide will turn.

Lest it do what dragons do,

For you they will burn.


House Targaryen

From ancient lands far and wide,

a dynasty rises from the ashes.

Brought across the Narrow tide,

Is such fiery power to enthrall the masses.

Thrice does the wild enchantment flare

And "Dracarys!" is heard loud and clear.

Fly, oh children of dusty scrolls

Your fire enlightens the tales of old.

Viseryion, golden as the dead lion's mane, his claws that catch and jaws that bite.

His brother Rhaegal, green as the fields on a midsummer's night.

Finally Drogon, black as fright

Your fire glows with bloody light.

Across the Narrow Sea the scaled beasts fly.

Hark, the Mother of Dragons is nigh!

Valyrian roots and Andal mud.

Westeros united under

Fire and Blood.

House Tarly

The huntsman draws his mighty bow

The prey is ignorant and blind

And now he reaps what he hungrily sows.

My, how the arrows fly!

The blood of thousands runs through his veins.

Yet, now only one heir remains.

The beasts of the wood fell to sword, axe and cleaver.

Lining the halls are wolf, sheep, stag and beaver.

Upon the mantle does Heartsbane lie,

Until a father’s love for his son died.

High in the North did his son’s blood freeze

Though in the power of knowledge he strongly believed.

Deep in the south many proud men march,

Little knowing their bodies will be charred.

And as the bow pierced the heart of the stallion,

The mighty huntsmen were burned by the dragon.


House Arryn

Impregnable walls and high spiked gates

The Vale of the Rock will defy even fate.

You fool, you too shall fly

And throw out your arms to the distant sky.

Pride and honor, highest above

The lady of the nest grows mad with love.

The mockingbird sings with sharp quick notes

While elsewhere his claws slit unwise throats.

With arrogance and fame will chaos arise.

But opportunity grows and fates intertwine.

Yes, the falcon soars above the moon,

But t’will meet its end soon.

The wolf will howl into the night

As the wings break and feathers fall

Blood runs red down the mountain side

And death’s the end of all.

House Frey

Take our leave. Pay our toll.

Lest your blood stains the stone wall.

The Twins will watch from atop the keep

Lest below them you will sleep.

There is no shame.

There is no pride.

Pay our toll or you will die.

House Bolton

The Naked Man Has Few Secrets;

A Flayed Man None.

Peel the skin and rip out the tongue.

Blood flows free and punishment lives.

Terror runs wild as knives in the dark glint.

Fear shakes your heart as a bastard is born

Then Battle in the North rages,

Where many men have sworn

To end the treachery, murder, rapes;

To end children torn from their mother’s arm.

With Dogs that bark and jaws that rip,

Their Blades Are Sharp and throats are slit.

Pale faces smile at fleshy, bloody gore

Covered by dust in the dreaded stronghold.

Yes, the flayed corpse is finally cold.

In the dead of the dark, winter frost

The knives are dulled and will be lost.

Name, house, legend will finally bow

And the White Wolf will forever howl.


House Mormont

Deep on a keep on the Island of the Bears

Housed are the women who shed no tears.

War, courage and honor is frozen on their faces.

Ice shields the walls and the Realm’s heart it encases.

Frost on their skin, icy air chokes them of life.

But the fire of loyalty will defend winter’s strife.

The Night’s Watch stands at the edge of the Wall

Those brave black bears of the North rise tall.

Guarding the realms of men from murderous attack, swords of steel long and bright clash.

Stark is the name of their only King

And his name alone on their lips will they sing.

Direwolves howl as the white snow begins to fall: “Stand together and fight must we all!”

Defending the south, north, the harsh white land.

Winter is coming.

Here Shall We Stand.

House Greyjoy

We Do Not Sow.

Amidst the longships we fiercely row,

Our Lord Reaper claims the Salt Throne.

While we pay the iron price,

Mainlander’s throats our blades will slice.

The Kraken’s arms stretch, the Son of the sea,

Crying that followers of the Drowned God we shall always be.

The flayed man with skin wrinkled and grey

Is Drowned in the depths of the black stormy wave.

Strong and true among the swords of men,

Reavers, rapes and raids shall never end.

Upon the darkened isle of Pyke

Rebellion and death consumed the sea alike.

Forever upon the seas will warriors arise,

Shouting “What is Dead May Never Die!”


House Baratheon

See the black stag racing through the trees,

Gold on your neck, blood on your knees.

Foolish King on the throne of fallen swords,

Your keep of Storm’s End breeds savage lords.

Black of haired bastards murdered, disappeared.

The crying mothers are rank with fear.

Direwolves and herds prowl on the Hunt,

Their enemies across the Narrow Sea they confront.

The dragon’s steel emblazons with strength.

A king’s reign is shortened by drunken length.

He swears eternal revenge upon the dragon’s blood

For the lost wolf-maid of the godswood.

Mad soldiers charge, killing with no mercy.

Battle rages as warrior’s cry: “Ours Is the Fury!”


House Dayne

Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morn

To your leige a promised prince is born.

Inside Starfall, a shining keep in the south,

The glory of Dawn gathers dust upon the mount.

Upon the Iron Throne, long shall dragons reign.

The shield and the crown a king shall gain.

At the Tower of Joy stands the Warrior great

Guarding well the child of love, death and hate.

Seven of seven, the Kingsguard stand wise.

Iron clashes in the Usurper’s eyes.

Steel and gold reflect the oath he hath sworn.

An eternal legend,

Fallen and Reborn.


House Martell

Unbowed, the Red Viper’s fangs spit poison.

Unbent, the golden spear thrusts through the sun.

Unbroken, as dry desert sands swirl in passion.

Plots of vengeance have begun

When bastards rise, ten thousand strong.

The Viper’s hiss echoes among the streets

As crimson flames glow in the heat.

Fiery tongues speak false truths

As those to live or die must choose.

Bowed low is the scaly neck of the snake.

Bent and is the southern kingdoms fate.

Soldiers fall for the vengeance they tell,

Broken among the fiery pits of Hell.


House Tully

Family filters through the streams

Duty drowns allies and enemies.

Honor hangs high above the gates while

Littlefinger on the coast grasps at fate.

Exchange of vows in the godswood,

Binds House to House, blood to blood.

The Trident spears through the mouth of our foes:

The dragons, stags and wolves slaughtered in the waves below.

The pillars of the Riverrun free

Never conquered by battle, war or seige.

Honor burns through fields of wheat

As grieving mothers and children weep.

Duty drips through the blood of men.

Family stands together to the end.


Submitted: February 23, 2018

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A fantastic tribute in poetry. You really put so much thought and work into this collection of poems. Well done!

Fri, February 23rd, 2018 9:11pm

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