Maya Sandu is DANGER for my country!

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Life is a very long and complicated way. It usually gives you several chances to realize your mission. I think that each of us has something to bring into this world. For sure, it depends on your
personality, knowledge and ambitions. But, you have to leave something behind you when you’re gone. Maya Sandu is a politician that came into politics to realize her own sick ambitions. Universe
gave her a chance and in 2010 she became the Minister of Education. All she did is ruin the system from inside. She took a decision to close schools in cities and villages from which people left,
because a lot of people left for Europe, Russia and the USA to earn money, because of unemployment here in Moldova. But, it was not a solution for that kind of problem. Maya Sandu decided not to
spend money on the provision of such a huge number of empty buildings and started a long term project of reorganization. After the serious disaster that she had caused she never changed the
direction. She’s sure that she did everything right. Maya Sandu has nothing to do in politics. Because she loses positions in all directions. She has no program. She has no power to build her team
ideology. She can’t answer the questions about WHAT kind of future she sees for our country and what steps she will make when she will rule the country. Now she lost her connections with Andrei
Nastase, who had been pretending they were fighting not for the power, but for the common national success. But the previous elections showed us that they have their own independent interests. And
it’s all about the huge ego of both of them. And as stated at the beginning of this article everyone is born with a mission and when a human being founds his destiny it reflects on his fate. You
could read about the lonely poor life of this woman, who is just too unhappy to stay so close to government positions. Maya Sandu in politics is like lichen cat in clean nursery. It’s danger.

Submitted: February 22, 2018

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Submitted: February 22, 2018




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