Find Me

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Submitted: February 23, 2018

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Submitted: February 23, 2018



Find Me


When the rain makes love to bitter tears,

And hope is battered by monstrous fears,

When the ground begs for a warm embrace,

And the spirit readily lies down on that place.


Come find me before I surrender to that peace,

With tearless dry eyes and a relieved face,

With joyful cracked lips smiling,

Grateful for the soft green covering.


Find me if you dare,

If you have strength and courage to spare,

If you have compassion and love to share,

If you dare to find me, I’ll be there.


There where the future goes to parish,

Where dreams and hopes find their finish,

Where sighs and moans have their feast,

And a lonely soul grows into a beast.


If you dare to tame that monster,

That is raging with grief and hunger,

For a sweet whisper, for a loving smile,

That it had missed for a very long while.


Find me in Dante’s hellish circles,

Before the wind dances with my ashes,

Before I become a fading memory,

And you remain to tell that story of misery.

© Copyright 2018 Mimoza0303. All rights reserved.

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