The Outsider

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Logline: Away from the big city, this is about the journey of a little boy who leaves his home and travels to another part of the country. He gets adopted and grows up to become an army man. His
service takes him to a remote jungle in North east of India. An incident occurs with his superiors while they are training that quickly escalates and he loses his job. He falls in love with a local
girl but she soon succumbs to cancer. An accident brings him to another small town called Shillong in Meghalaya. In search of a new life he thinks of building a future here and gets a job. He falls
in love again but fate has something else in store for him. In a tense drama of love, revenge, fortune and betrayal, our protagonist fights to overcome obstacles and challenges to be accepted in a
society that does not like an outsider.

Synopsis: The story starts with a quote –

“Some of us aren't meant to belong. Some of us have to turn the world upside down and shake the hell out of it until we make our own place in it.”

? Elizabeth Lowell

During the 1970s in Shimla (Himachal Pradesh), a married couple had 3 children. The eldest boy was in the army and the rest of the siblings were scared of him. When Karma, the youngest of them reached standard 10, he ran away from home fearing that his brother will be mad if he finds out that he flunked in his exams.

Karma takes a train and reaches Delhi. After wondering in Delhi for couple of days he finds work in a tea restaurant as a waiter. One day a couple sees him and decides to adopt him. They take him to Pune, where he is given a proper home and education.

When he grows up he decides to join the army. During this time he loses both of his foster parents.

Karma gets transferred to serve in Mizoram as a captain. He falls in love with a local woman and gets married.

While serving in the Mizoram Karma objects to one of his commander’s treatment of a local informant and he gets into a fight his superior that costs him his job.

During this time, his wife succumbs to cancer and dies.

While traveling in a bus one day he meets with an accident, the bus falls in a river and he finds that he is one of the lucky survivors. He reaches Shillong, (Meghalaya).

He gets employed as a Bank manager and falls in love with another local woman, Cathy and decides to marry him.

Cathy’s family and her brother Michael are not too fond of Karma as they consider him an outsider.

Michael gets furious because in a custom where the daughter gets to inherit the property and money, his motive of getting his sister to marry his business partner doesn’t happen and this jeopardizes his future plans.

This leads to property disputes between Cathy and her family members. Both of them have 3 children, one boy and two girls Eric, Julia and Angel.

The family members try and implicate Karma in a bank theft that actually is committed by Michael and his associate.

He is forced to leave his job and gets arrested. While out on bail, he finds out the real culprit behind the robbery and gets them arrested.

He forays into business along with Cathy and together they open a nightclub and invest in real estate and several restaurants.

As his business flourishes, he faces threat from extortionists who have him under a close watch and demand for money. 

The same perpetrators send some goons to his house to steal from him and kidnap one of his daughters. He and his side kick Ramon, manage to fight them bravely and chase the thugs away but not before catching a bullet wound. Without worrying for the wound Karma catches hold of one of the thugs and drags him to the police station in his Jeep. After filing the FIR, he gets himself admitted in the hospital.

As time goes by, he loses Cathy too and he becomes an alcoholic himself. His eldest son, Eric goes astray due to drinking and gambling.

Michael who is Cathy’s brother is out of jail and blames Karma for his sister’s death.

Michael hires a mistress, Anna to sneak on Karma and his finances as he has an eye on his property and money.

Michael uses Karma’s son Eric as a pawn and gets him addicted to gambling.

In a gambling incident gone wrong, Eric is forced to sign over some property documents over to Michael. The property belongs to Karma but he had given the power of attorney to his son.

Karma comes to know about his eldest brother’s death and goes to meet his family. He adopts his eldest brother’s son and brings him back with him. 

When Karma comes to know about the property that Eric had sold to Michael, he gets mad at Eric and chases him out of the house.

Karma’s eldest daughter Julia finds out that Anna is a crook and pleads her brother Eric to find out more about her.

Eric is in huge debt to Michael and is unable to pay him back.

With a little bit help from politician friends Michael manages to shut the nightclub that Karma owns.

Together Julia and Eric turn Anna against Michael and use her for information to steal the property documents back from Michael.

Eric manages to steal from Michael using the information that Anna provides.

Michael confronts Karma, suspecting him of stealing money and property documents.

In a shootout Michael kills Anna and injures Karma.

Michael gets arrested for the murder.

Karma is in hospital, he apologises to his daughters for not being able to take care of them as he wanted.

After Karma’s death, Eric leaves the business and Julia takes over the family business and reopens their nightclub.


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