Hymn to the Sea

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A poem as open as the sparkling ocean...

Submitted: February 23, 2018

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Submitted: February 23, 2018



Hymn to the Sea

Behold, the blue abyss.

Your vast current carries me through.

Your vibrant shimmer astounds

Against the bright fire of the horizon,

The great flowing channel, the mysterious abode.


Sparkle, you mother of surfs and reefs!

Flow, you father of angry storms!

Bubble you brother to tsunamis and hurricanes!

Swirl you sister to typhoons and sailors!


You ran afoul of that ill fated maiden

Who twas said not even God could sink.

Your precious heart was stolen from you, worn by kings.

And now shall you hold it in the depths of a blue grave.

Your weapons: iceberg, storm and stars

As God himself swept you into oblivion.

Behold, you bubbling blue bayou

Your secrets you keep.

And your heart will go on.


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