Have you not heard?

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this is a song of protest, the song is a song to reveil the pain and strive of a people under going pain and hardship. These are the songs of niger delta militant youth.

Submitted: February 23, 2018

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Submitted: February 23, 2018



Have you not heard?

Iki Mudiaga-Maxwell Aghogho


Have you not heard? That our heart drums with the pace of the vulture’?

For this sunshine, that rain fall This sour day, and that venomous night All broadens our hearts in multiples

Have you not heard? That our claws are firm and steel-like With likeness to the lion’?

For we bear no fear Within our pride For we have murdered sleep for her sake And we will defend her boarders!

Have you not heard? That our belly that craws at night’s unholy hours Carries the strength of the serpent And the engulf in our secrets and wisdom Just same in nature like the tortoise

For we pledge with just vexation To cross no matter how treacherous the water appears And we pledge To defend that which she gave to us First we initiated all in peace But with total refuser from mother’s first era seeds We took arms And she helped us declare war Against her erring seed

Have you not heard? That we are her children? That we all proceeded from her new birth?

Right in our heart, We bear the luminous rays That will eliminate her crudeness, And we drank from the calabash of our ancestors This saved us from being fried, On and on we crawled Talisman in one hand and Ak-47 in another Not minding the tearing, the bleeding and the limping She is worth all this.


Where are the intruders? Where are the sell outs? Where are the sons and daughters? Where are they whose prostitution? Have brought us pains and suffering?

Where are their corrupt riffles? Where are their cursed ammunitions? Where are their spears Where are their million machetes, With which they sown this great evil in her feet?

In my provoking anger I proceeded with my brothers To fight on this swelling lust To restore the lost of all lost For the vulture is our new birth Let us soar in her wings When they learn to walk straight Then and only then, We will soar with the eagle’s wings. Michael Al Obode

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