Between Heaven and Hell

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A little fun story about a demon who decided to slake off his job. However, he didn't see it coming, eventually, things didn't turned out the way he wanted.

I am a simple worker, dedicated to my work, I get up early every morning and head to my working place without question or complain. I work hard the entire day and have only one short break the entire day, that's when I eat my lunch. After that, I resume my work and work and work, work really hard as if my life depends on it until the end of the day, when the lights are out, I return to my small apartment. In short, a monotonous life, lead by a simple person, and oh, I forgot to mention, I work in hell, and basically I am not a person but a demon, a manager of hell who tries to keep this place from ruining itself. 

Today, I woke up from the wrong side of the bed, something has gotten into me. I just didn’t want to work today. I assigned my tasks to one of my subordinates and decided to sulk the day off. But I should have anticipated that my actions were going to cause unthinkable consequences and that my day was going to take another turn of event. 

Usually, this place runs in a machinery way, nothing can go wrong but today, unexpectedly, something did go wrong, as I was up to make some tea, I switch the tap, however, nothing was coming out, there is no water. I run to check in every possible nearby tap, but water was not coming. I contacted my subordinate, what I found out was that the demon, whom I assigned my tasks to, usually, was responsible for the water in hell. Now I was in a dire situation, as consequence of me ditching my work on him. 

Now, there is no water in hell and I had to fix it as soon as possible before the Ups would release their ravaging anger. 

Water comes from heaven, so if we want water, in other words, we need to visit heaven. And since this was an emergency, there is only one way to get there quickly without an appointment. I grabbed my subordinate and left together with him towards our quest, I call it 'water fetching' which sounds very silly because we actually use pips.

We took a tunnel-like passage that led us straight to heaven, at its exit we found ourselves in a queue. The fresh dead souls queue..., yes..., that was the only way to enter heaven on a short notice. 

As we approached the check-in desk I noticed baskets full of fruits, dead people were grabbing a few on their way. I just remember that I didn't have my breakfast yet. "I can't wait for my turn" 

"You are rather enthusiastic Mr. manage" replied my subordinate. I forgot to mention, his name was Poki, I am not sure myself who gave him such a name.
As we reached the desk, I asked for some fruits.
The clerk replied that I could have some in exchange for something valuable.
"Valuable..?" I asked, "what does that mean?"
"Anything such as jewelry, money, we need a payment, you can say"

These cunning angels, they are using any possible way to raise their funds. As we, demons, we don't get a salary, all our needs are covered somehow, we get payed with goods and consumables, we don't actually receive money. 
"Do you have anything on you Poki?"
"I got these little new shoes that my mo-.."
"Alright, that will do" I was in a terrible mood 
I turned towards the clerk with the shoes in my hand "how much for these?"
"These new shoes can give you sorry, not so much...half of-.."
"Poki take care of it"
We ended with one sac with less than what can feed a bird. 

"Tsk!" I was getting in a worse mood, as we entered the gate. 

Today was NOT my lucky day, but it would turn into a better one soon enough. 
"Now Poki, we must enter the competition, the winner is granted any wish, we will use this chance to ask heaven to release water for hell. I wonder what's today competition?"
I noticed posters. I stared at one, almost sticking my face to it. 

"Gracious heaven! It's heavenly fruits eating competition!" I yelled with excitement. 

We registed our name in the competitors list. What we must do next is chose our fruits for the competition. We entered the garden and went harvesting, as I stretched my arm out to grab one huge melon, a huge fellow snatched it before me. Surprised, I looked at him

"You chose, I collect" he spoke with a grin.
Now, Mr. big guy said he will take the fruits, cut them and get them ready, we only need to sit in the competition and consume as much as we could. 
Fair enough, I thought, I can't wait to eat.

All competitors sat on a bench-like facing table, in the middle of an arena; I could care less about the place when the most upsetting thing was in front of my eyes. My hopes for a better day just crumbled. On the tables, silver containers were arranged, filled with fruits peal. That's what we were supposed to eat. For God's sake, these people are nuts!

Now that we are here we have no other option but to submit and eat, I most certainly was not planning to lose. We got first place, but I had a sour look on my face, I  wanted to send someone to hell. 

As the winners, first, we were to take a bath in 'the soul and body cleansing water'. It was an open air bath, I just wanted to hurry with this quest and go back to sulk away the rest of my unexpectedly busy day. The moment I entered in I felt something about this water. 

"This is the tank from which water is sent to hell"

"And how do you know that Poki?"

"I accidentally dropped my shoes last time when I was inspecting the water from the other side. Here is one shoe, I wonder where is the second one"
I dived in to look for it and to my great surprise, it was blocking the exist, the pipe that runs towards hell. 

How could my day turn out like this because of a shoe?!...I wanted to scream.


Submitted: February 23, 2018

© Copyright 2022 H. Imane. All rights reserved.

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J. R. Merrick

A very clever story. Such human problems for these demons to have, but I'm sure hell would be much worse with no water. I like the personalities you gave to these charterers, making even a demon relatable. One thing I would have liked to see more of though is descriptions of both heaven and hell. All in all, I thought this was a fun story!

Fri, February 23rd, 2018 6:57pm


Thanks for you valuable comment. I'm glade that you had fun reading the story. Indeed, description of heaven and hell would have portrayed better the environment they were moving around. I will remember your advise for next stories, thanks :)

Fri, February 23rd, 2018 11:26am

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