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Submitted: February 23, 2018

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Submitted: February 23, 2018



As he aprrocahes the door of where he once lived with anger ;thus kicking it with a side kick denting the mailbox slot and causeing the door to bend a little.His former roommate comes down to see what was going on reporting a burglary to police.Leaving the scene to cool off.

Upon returning a few hours later knocking on the door,the roommate opens the door saying the police looked up his profile on facebook and are looking for you,scaring the next door neighbour with a child and husband the police were saying or the roommate said.Thus leaving the scene again not to return for months.

After heading downtown to catch some sleep in a corridor away from the evils of the street ,catching some shut eye.The next morning heading to the bank to cash a cheque to get some cash that was deposited in the machine.With some difficulty managed to get 50 bucks.First thing done was buy a pack of smokes sitting down quietly in front of the mall entrance with a coffee.Not making sense of what is being heard about an possible ex girlfriend who may be looking for child support.No where to go he headed towards the ferry.

After arriving on the coast he realized he was not wanted and was driven back to the ferry to head back.Thus after this he spent a night on the street getting his way back to his old roommates on the coast.Being picked up with a ticket from the roomate.The roommate bought him a burger eating with delight.

Stayed a couple nights got into a fight then head up to mental health where he was admitted to the physc ward for shelter.Thus the doctors changed his medication,going off of anxiety medication.He phoned his ex girlfriend to see if she would want to see him.He thinks it was her that said wrong number on the side of the street of a payphone.

After several conversations with some other clients of the ward he begun to hang out on the streets of sechelt where he began to become so black the locals thought he was native.Especially after going into where he worked before in a bar.They could not believe how black he was after the summer.

He got placed in a group home where he began to take stock of the situation.Eventually things would slowly happen to begin anew for him.

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